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4 February, 2022

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An honest cop told me years ago: “if a Black guy moves into your neighborhood, your chances of being raped increases 8-fold.” Black men have more testosterone and less impulse control. As a result, Black men are rape machines: they commit rape much more often than men of other races. But the media hides that […]

11 March, 2020

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Greece is currently being invaded by Brown immigrants (many of whom are Syrian) pouring across the Turkish border. The Turks are actually helping the Brown invaders flood into Greece. Now, the Greeks are being compared to “Nazis” because they are defending their border from the Brown invaders! It’s incredible and sad. Bottom line: Greece is […]

26 February, 2020

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I’ve read many accounts of “date rape” over the years. Most are surprisingly similar, and they usually involve alcohol. Most also involve college girls. Here is nearly every account of date rape in the past 40 years, condensed into one sad account: Cathy College Chick, 19 years old and White, goes into the local college […]

22 February, 2020

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A TV commercial, featuring a female voice-over and images of sad, White women: *(slow, melancholic piano music begins)* “Hi. This is Ruth Goldberg Weinberg Silverstein of The National Center for Rape Diversity. Today, millions of White women are raped by White men. It’s not fair. It’s the travesty of our time. But it doesn’t have […]

6 January, 2020

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One New York City prosecutor said that half of the rape allegations that are made in her district are false. Half! (source). From Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the endless college rape hoaxes, men are being smeared left and right with fake rape accusations. Not only do these lies harm men, but they harm women, too: […]

2 June, 2019

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(Above: Thousands of Brown immigrants invade Germany, circa 2018; most of them lie about their backgrounds in order to gain refugee status, which means free food, free clothes, free housing and free money; it also means “genocide for White Europe” since Brown people outbreed White people). . In a boat off the coast of France, […]

28 November, 2008

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Blacks prey on Whites with alarming frequency, but Whites avoid raping Blacks: [Article].