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11 April, 2022

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I was watching a TV sitcom and I wondered aloud how much of a role TV has played in the death of the alpha male (an alpha male is a manly, rugged, Steve McQueen/John Wayne type who drinks whiskey straight with no chaser. A leader, and full of testosterone and courage). (U.S. Marines are, by […]

15 January, 2022

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Seen once again, in a men’s catalogue: the ridiculous term “man cave” (which is usually a basement room in the house, filled with “guy stuff”). So, men used to have the whole house, but now they just have one room in the basement. Is that “progress”? It doesn’t sound like it. It sounds like “castration.”

12 October, 2021

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Oh, those evil White heterosexual men! Must they dominate everything in the world??? Yes, they actually must! Because they are thinkers and doers. That’s what they do. They can’t help it [1][2][3]. Listen to a group of men talking: they’re discussing politics, technology, world affairs. Important stuff. Listen to a group of women talking: they’re […]

6 January, 2020

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One New York City prosecutor said that half of the rape allegations that are made in her district are false. Half! (source). From Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the endless college rape hoaxes, men are being smeared left and right with fake rape accusations. Not only do these lies harm men, but they harm women, too: […]

1 January, 2020

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White Woman #1: “My husband seems so racist and extreme sometimes!” White Woman #2: “So does mine! Can’t all the races just get along? You know, hold hands and sing Kumbaya?” White Woman #3: “My college professor, Mr. Goldberg, said that racism is a sign of mental illness! Maybe your husbands need psychiatric help.” White […]

12 February, 2019

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“My Way”, a song sung by Frank Sinatra, with (great) lyrics by Paul Anka: “For what is man, what has he got? If not himself, then he has naught To say the things he truly feels And not the words of one who kneels The record shows I took the blows And did it my […]

22 October, 2014

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It makes some good points. [Video]. More [Here].

3 September, 2014

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Seen on TV and on the internet on the same day: a man declaring that his wife made him sell his motorcycle, and another man who said that his wife made him shave off his beard. Are there no real men left in America? Are all the men “whupped”? I’ve even seen tough men who […]

23 June, 2013

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What a great time to be a man. You have so many choices. You can marry Feminist #1, Feminist #2 or Feminist #3. With a selection like that, how can you go wrong? [Article].

21 September, 2009

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“What a perfect illustration the girl is of the difference between male and female intelligence. The girl is obviously smart. She gives the ‘right’ answer – which to a female is always the textbook answer, what the tea(c)her or book says is correct. Not one female in 1,000,000 can think differently than this. Women are […]