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1 January, 2020

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White Woman #1: “My husband seems so racist and extreme sometimes!” White Woman #2: “So does mine! Can’t all the races just get along? You know, hold hands and sing Kumbaya?” White Woman #3: “My college professor, Mr. Goldberg, said that racism is a sign of mental illness! Maybe your husbands need psychiatric help.” White […]

31 July, 2015

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by Kevin MacDonald. […] “The cuckservative label is so devastatingly effective because it connotes sexual humiliation. In our hypersexualized culture, there are few things worse than being called a cuckold. It’s deeply rooted in our evolved psychology. Men laugh at a cuckold, women have no respect for them. They are the butt of jokes, the […]

26 January, 2015

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Some people in the WN movement snicker at southern Europeans such as Greeks and Italians. They don’t consider southern Europeans to be “White enough.” But nonetheless, the southern Europeans seem to have a “fire in the belly” that northern Europeans often lack. They seem to be quicker to fight and to protest. Anyway, with a […]

23 July, 2013

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White people desperately need a leader in the William L. Pierce style. Maybe old NA members can band together and create something that resembles the old National Alliance. [Article].

22 April, 2012

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Anybody can afford this tuition, and once you’ve graduated, you’ll be useful, unlike, say, a sociologist, who isn’t useful. [VNN Forum].

20 August, 2010

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I had a high-school basketball coach who used to say, “learn, and never forget, the fundamentals of the game.” That was good advice. Well, I disagree with Kurtagic here at the fundamental level. One of the reasons why White men are in trouble today is that they have forgotten a simple but very important fact: […]

31 December, 2009

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How We Will Win by S.G. On the failures of the WN Movement and how we can overcome them. I’ve given a great deal of thought to how White Nationalists will thrive and survive until a new day graces the American continent.  Thereby, I will discuss what does and what doesn’t work in modern America, […]

30 December, 2009

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Pretty good response to our other thread. Now let’s try the same question, but applied to WORDS and words ONLY. How do we argue, go at it, whatever you want to call it – verbally. How do we use words to triumph over the enemy? How do we define “we”? What term do we use […]

27 December, 2009

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