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2 September, 2020

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Leftists are famous for redefining/remaking our language to make it less accurate. For example, they remade the definition of “marriage.” Now, a male/male homosexual union is wrongly called a “marriage.” But guess what? White Nationalists can also redefine and remake our language at will. Watch! POC used to mean “Person/People of Color.” But not anymore. […]

29 April, 2018

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“So you’re lucky that anybody will put up with you for a week much less your whole life.” “The point of marriage is to tough it out,” said Peterson. “And you don’t tough it out for your happiness, that’s not what you’re in there for.” He’s right. In the old days (before Soviet-style “No-Fault Divorce” […]

22 October, 2014

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It makes some good points. [Video]. More [Here].

26 August, 2013

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I saw an amazing statistic: 65% of the people in New York City are single, i.e., not married. This is what leftism does. It wipes out normal behavior and replaces it with abnormal, “me-first,” feel-good hedonistic behavior. And who built the political Left in America? Jews. (Of course, laissez-faire capitalism does the same thing: everything […]

23 June, 2013

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What a great time to be a man. You have so many choices. You can marry Feminist #1, Feminist #2 or Feminist #3. With a selection like that, how can you go wrong? [Article].