13 September, 2021

Medical Marxism Arrives in the West

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First, there was regular (economic) Marxism. Then there was Cultural Marxism. Now there’s Medical Marxism (applying Marxist totalitarianism to anything medical. It isn’t Medical Fascism because fascism isn’t totalitarian, it’s merely authoritarian, i.e., it’s not as severe as totalitarianism) [1].

Canada: get the toxic jab or you lose your job (and she did lose it). Medical Marxism has arrived in the free world. Why? Why such a fuss over a virus that is usually not fatal? Listen to all the leftists concerning abortion: they say “my body, my choice” (actually, that’s not correct, because the choice involves two bodies, not just one. But whatever). So they invoke “my body, my choice” when they want to get an abortion, but they demand that normal people get an experimental vaccine that has caused lots of deaths and illness! It’s madness. Liberals are cruel, intolerant children. They’re 40-year-old kids with a sadistic streak. Who but a sadist would demand that you put a strange, untested chemical into your body or else lose your job? Only a twisted person would demand that. And they call us “haters”! Well, nobody hates like a leftist. They’re unhappy people who get off on power and control. Just look at California, a state entirely controlled by leftists: anything not banned by law is mandated by law. There’s no middle ground in California. It’s “our way or no way.”

[video, 5 minutes].


[1] “An illustration of the power of propaganda provided by Carroll Quigley, Professor of History at Georgetown University, is the widely held misconception that National Socialist Germany was a totalitarian state. In Tragedy and Hope I he writes “…the economic system was not ruled by the state but was subject to ‘self rule’ (free enterprise)…Newspapermen and journalistic writers applied the term ‘totalitarian’ to the Nazi system, and the name has stuck without any real analysis of the facts as they existed. In fact, the Nazi system was not totalitarian either in theory or in practice.” — article “Some Revisionist Viewpoints On World War II” by Ben Kriegh, December 1989.

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