9 November, 2021

Globalist Schemes: Shaking Down the White People for More Money

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A good quote:

“At root, almost every globalist and transnational institution and summit has a common feature: the endless transfer of wealth from the First World, the historic oppressors, to their alleged Third World victims. These gatherings are to determine how much in reparations the latter can extort from a conscience-stricken West.”

Yes. White people are chumps. They are easy to shake down. If you make outrageous demands on 100 White people, 95 of them will cave in. Globalism is a racket that any mobster would envy. It’s an endless cash cow, a faucet that spews money. Look at the UN’s 2015 “Paris Climate Accords”: billions of dollars will flow from White pockets into Brown pockets. But nothing will change. The Brown countries will remain Third World toilets.


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