18 November, 2021

How Do You Fight Woke?

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First, you must call it what it is: Cultural Marxism (CM), a totalitarian movement that’s just as deadly (or even more deadly) than the old Marxism because it seems “harmless” in many ways. Interestingly, CM has the same initials as Carbon Monoxide (but that chemical formula is CO), an odorless, deadly gas that can come from a malfunctioning furnace. Cultural Marxism, which came from the Jewish teachers at the Frankfurt School at Columbia University in NYC, is a mixture of Marxism and Freudianism (and both Marx and Freud were Jews as well). Political Correctness is a part of CM (it’s the language part of CM, i.e., spoken and written words) [1][2]. What’s curious about “woke” is how hard it’s being pushed. It’s like “we better push it through now or we won’t get another chance to do it!” The pro-CM crowd seems desperate. Notice how “woke” is coming from several different directions: the top, the bottom, and the outside, e.g., the financial sector, such as credit card companies.

[Webpage and radio show, 31 minutes].


[1] “Politically correct” (PC) was a popular Soviet term. It referred to “something that is not factually correct, but is nonetheless politically correct” — in other words, it’s a lie.

[2] Among the first modern usages of the term “Politically Correct” — in a “positive” way — was by the Jewish feminist leader Karen DeCrow (real name Lipschultz) in 1975.

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