14 November, 2021

Listening to Leftists is Tiring, or, Keeping It Simple

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Granted, listening to me (my typed words) can sometimes be tiring, too, since the words often repeat. But for good reason: we learn by repetition. You learned math and English that way.

When you listen to a leftist “theorist” talk, it’s usually an hour or more of babble. Too much info and haranguing! (The communist thug Fidel Castro used to give angry, 6-hour speeches. And that’s the key word: angry. Leftists are angry, unhappy people. They have a rage burning inside them that only ends upon their deaths. Their rage can’t be stopped or reasoned with. It’s pure hate — hatred for White Western culture. They must lie awake in bed at 3:00 AM, muttering to themselves, “those goddamned White people!”).

Newbies, let’s keep our White nationalist message simple, with plain facts:

1. White people created America. We own it. In fact, we created the Western world. And it works. Even negroes can thrive in America (sadly).

2. Communism/Marxism has never worked in any country! Ever! (If Marxism works, as the leftists say, then why don’t leftists in America ever move to Cuba? It’s only 90 miles away! Why not? Guess why not. Marxism sucks and they know it in their hearts. Indeed, Cuba is nearing political and financial collapse).

3. Socialism has only worked in “mild” form (e.g., Sweden, Denmark). But “mild socialism” isn’t real socialism, it’s “socialism lite.” Fake socialism. The government only controls some things, not everything. (Socialism is the “first part” of communism, or, “communism lite”).

4. Globalism wipes out White sovereignty. It wipes out the White nations by default. (Currently, the EU is punishing Hungary and Poland because they won’t embrace homosexuality and “transsexualism”). Therefore, globalism must be shunned and defeated. Each country must make its own way, independently.

5. Mankind has probably been happiest and freest under “American republican government as existed circa 1880-1930.” America was a virtual paradise for all humans (immigrants, too) until circa 1968 when leftist radicals began tearing America apart. America works (or, worked) and that really angers the leftists. They hate success.

Those are the basics that you, the newbie, need to know. Anything else is “extra details” for later consumption, e.g., the Jewish Question.

Also, re: this debate below: I agree with the left-wing speaker: Fascism does take many forms. It is not monolithic. Spain’s fascism was different from Italy’s, for example. Ditto Portugal (under Salazar) and Chile (under Pinochet) and Argentina (under Videla). Fascism is not an international movement.

[Video of Left/Right political debate, 2 hours].

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