21 November, 2021

NATO: a Creeping Vine That Will Strangle All of Eastern Europe

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(Above: 27 of the NATO countries)

NATO came from Chapter VII of the UN Charter, which came from a Jew, Leo Pasvolsky. So, if there is a Western war with Russia over Ukraine (which seems more and more likely), then you can thank him for that.

And to think, NATO was created to safeguard the West, not safeguard Ukraine! Why does NATO care about Ukraine?? NATO is a military alliance of 30 mostly-Western countries that generally does the bidding of the U.S. — for example: bombing the hell out of the Serbs in 1999. NATO has surrounded Russia with NATO countries (e.g., Poland and Hungary), which no doubt makes Russia nervous. If there is a war with Russia, you can bet that the NATO “allies” (All Lies) will start it. They seem to enjoy starting wars for Big Jew. (The Jews don’t trust Russia, because Russia knows too much about the Jews from horrible, firsthand experience. So, since the Jews don’t trust Russia, sooner or later NATO will be used to sack her and turn her into “The America of the East” — complete with 20,000 Holocaust museums and trannies in the parliament. Yaaaay, American-style diversity awaits the Russians! Low-IQ negroes voting! Fags running the military! A porno store on every street corner! CRT in the schools! Happy days await the Russians, yes, indeed…).

“NATO is a master of salami tactics. Initially, the bloc promised it would not expand one inch to the east. Thereafter, its Partnership for Peace was established and sold to the Russians as an alternative to expansion, although it ultimately became a stepping stone to expansion by aligning the armed forces in Central and Eastern European states with NATO standards. The bloc expanded in 1999 as Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic joined, although it was suggested that this alone would not drastically change the balance of power.”


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