11 November, 2021

You Always Hate Your Superiors, or, Describing WhiteHate in One Paragraph

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“We non-Whites know the truth. We know that we are, historically speaking, losers. We never accomplished anything important. We know that White people gave the whole world to mankind. That makes us feel very inferior and angry. White people even gave us democracy, the light bulb, and the computer! They gave us everything! Damn those show-offs! So we must hate White people in order to feel equal to them. In fact, we must go even further than that: we must proclaim, ‘White people are the root of all evil! If it wasn’t for White people, the world would be a paradise!’ White civilization must be tossed into the trash can of history as soon as possible! We’re tired of feeling inferior!” [1][2][3].

[1] in circa 1810, when White westward expansion in America began, America consisted of about 40 various Indian (aka “Native American”) tribes waging war against each other, in various locations, almost every week. If anything, White people ended those Indian wars by default. There was much less war after we pushed westward. If anything, we saved Indian lives, and we civilized them. Now they have electricity, indoor plumbing and A/C. Now they have dentists and telephones. Now they have logical thinking instead of silly superstitions. And now they can vote for Joe Biden and watch CNN — how cool is that??? Yaaaaay, Jewish democracy for the Mohawks! Indian #1: “Mary Ann is hotter than Ginger!” Indian #2: “No way, Pooping Elk! Ginger is the queen of hotness!” Yaaaaay, Jewish TV for the Comanches!

(Some of the Indian tribes in America included: Sioux, Choctaw, Illinois, Shoshone, Iroquois, Blackfeet, Apache, Creek, Hopi, Hurons, Pawnee, Miami, Cherokee. They made up approximately 1 million Indians, total [a rather small number given America’s huge land mass], although the actual number may be lower, or higher, since no census existed for Indians then; the number is merely a guess).

[2] the bogus concept of “Brown people are good, but White people are bad” came from a Jew: the “French anthropologist” Claude-Levi Strauss (1908-2009), in circa 1960. Jews have led the anti-White political and racial movements in the Western world, e.g., CRT and multiculturalism. This huckster Levi-Strauss is a great example of the “Jewing” of the Humanities fields in the Western universities. Philosophy, Political Science, Anthropology, Sociology, History, Literature — all of those fields have been totally Jewed. They aren’t even White fields anymore. They’re Jewish fields posing as White fields.

[3] “Non-Whites” includes Jews, who are not genetically White (they are half-Arab mongrels who are also genetic freaks, i.e., Jews have more genetic diseases than any other people, some 50 diseases total, including: Bloom Syndrome, Canavan Disease, Tay-Sachs Disease, Niemann-Pick Disease Type A/B, Gaucher Disease, Wilson Disease, and Zellweger Syndrome Spectrum).

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