28 December, 2021

Understanding Leftists — the Evil People

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Summarizing what a friend of mine once said about leftists and moral values:

“A leftist is evil by default because he has no moral compass. Lacking a moral compass, he doesn’t know right from wrong. He’s basically a sociopath [1]. Sociopaths can’t distinguish right from wrong. They do everything based on impulse and “feeling” — if it feels good, do it. Like 1960s hippies.”

Yes. A normal person has a moral compass. He instinctively knows what’s right and what’s wrong. But a leftist has no moral compass. He views everything in the world as always being in flux, as always moving and changing. Leftists are “progressive” after all! Things that are always moving are not fixed, and so they have no concrete values or fixed meanings. Hence, for the leftist, society’s values and standards must constantly change. For example, things that were socially and legally taboo in 1980 could no longer be taboo in 2000. Progress demands change!

(Leftists knew that Joe Stalin had murdered 30 million people in the Soviet Union but they said nothing, because Marxism was a “good” ideology since it leveled society and “eliminated the gulf between rich and poor.” Moral people would have said something, would have complained about the 30 million murders).


[1] traits of a sociopath include: lacking a conscience, being deceitful, being impulsive, rule-breaking, ignoring responsibilities, blaming others for his/her bad behavior. In other words, we’re talking about everyone in the “Biden Administration”

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