9 December, 2021

Video: Fascist Heroes

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“Portland Protest Shows New Far-Right Trend: Multiethnic Groups with Fascist Heroes Like Pinochet”

From 2018, but interesting nonetheless. First time I have seen it. It’s funny how leftists can have mass-murdering communist heroes (like Fidel Castro) and nobody ever complains about it.

“Pinochet did nothing wrong?” Correct. He was reacting to Marxism. Just like Somoza and Videla. They were all reacting to Marxism. The left-wing knows this, but won’t admit it. The leftists won’t admit that the Right is right 99.8% of the time and indeed the Right wouldn’t need to exist if not for the Left.

An article about Pinochet: [Here].

[Video, 8 minutes].

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