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9 March, 2022

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As you read this, note the vicious nature of the Salvador Allende faction. Vicious Marxists! The Allende faction was prepared to kill many people in Chile. But luckily, the Sept. 11, 1973 coup happened first, and Allende was removed from power. As I noted earlier, Allende had illegally created a “secret communist army” inside Chile […]

12 February, 2022

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“Missing” (1982); starring Jack Lemmon. Life in Pinochet’s Chile, told from the Judeo-Left viewpoint, of course. The poor Marxists! They were shot (or “helicoptered”) for trying to communize Chile! Boo-hoo. Those mean anti-communists. How dare they defend Chile!…(*sniff*)… Perhaps if the radical, Jewish leftist Charles Horman (the “American Jewish filmmaker”) hadn’t traveled to Chile circa […]

23 January, 2022

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You can’t kill and injure several million people worldwide, under force (“you must have 3 jabs or lose your pension!”) and under fake pretenses, and not be punished. You just can’t. (The top Covidian thugs have “legal immunity” you say? Well, they can try that cheap excuse in 3 years, after the whole ugly truth […]

21 January, 2022

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There are 4 countries with large White populations in South America [1]. They must remain stable, or Marxism could emerge in those countries and spread to nearby countries. The far-leftist Gabriel Boric won the election in Chile in 2021 and he will become president in March 2022. There are people who warn that Boric will […]

9 December, 2021

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“Portland Protest Shows New Far-Right Trend: Multiethnic Groups with Fascist Heroes Like Pinochet” From 2018, but interesting nonetheless. First time I have seen it. It’s funny how leftists can have mass-murdering communist heroes (like Fidel Castro) and nobody ever complains about it. “Pinochet did nothing wrong?” Correct. He was reacting to Marxism. Just like Somoza […]

23 July, 2021

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(Above: Salvador Allende). When it comes to the Left, there’s always a Jew in the wood pile, hiding somewhere, hoping that no one will discover him/her. You knew that the Chilean president Salvador Allende (1908-1973) was a communist creep who destroyed Chile in 1972/1973, before Pinochet kicked his ass. But guess what? Allende was also […]

30 January, 2021

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Waxing political here. A theory: leftists are attracted to communism/socialism because leftists are defective, childish, angry, unhappy, lost, control-freak people who are constantly searching for meaning in their lives. Have you ever met a liberal who was happy? They are sad, reckless souls, wandering around and stirring up trouble because that’s what they do [1]. […]

2 January, 2021

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This food store in Cuba only has 3 items for sale: “juice in bags, ginger, and coarsely chopped cornmeal.” Three items! People are now starving in Cuba, since Cuba’s latest “sugar-daddy” (socialist-run Venezuela) has nearly collapsed [1]. You always hear leftists moan about countries committing “human-rights violations.” But strangely, the leftists are completely silent about […]

7 October, 2020

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Are the Greek communists (called the KKE) also labeled as criminals? No. In fact, the communists held 15 seats in the Greek parliament in 2019. Notice: most political violence in the world comes from leftists, not rightists. So why is Golden Dawn being singled-out? Because, since WWII, there is a global war being waged on […]

22 August, 2020

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Q: What is a liberal? A: a bully who will try to control your life from cradle to grave (look at California). Liberals really are insane. That’s no joke. Liberals should be banned from all positions of power in the Western world. Banned. By law. (Liberals are also notorious liars. For example, “antifa” thugs moan […]