12 February, 2022

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“Missing” (1982); starring Jack Lemmon. Life in Pinochet’s Chile, told from the Judeo-Left viewpoint, of course. The poor Marxists! They were shot (or “helicoptered”) for trying to communize Chile! Boo-hoo. Those mean anti-communists. How dare they defend Chile!…(*sniff*)…

Perhaps if the radical, Jewish leftist Charles Horman (the “American Jewish filmmaker”) hadn’t traveled to Chile circa 1972 to write pro-Marxist/pro-Allende propaganda, he would still be alive today? Just wondering. Bet he would be [1].

[Video, 2 hours].


[1] “Charles Edmund Lazar Horman was an American journalist and documentary filmmaker. He was executed in Chile in the days following the 1973 Chilean coup d’├ętat led by General Augusto Pinochet, which overthrew the socialist president Salvador Allende.” — Wikipedia, Feb. 2022. More [Here].

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