10 January, 2022

Even the Pope Is a Covidian

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What is it with leftists and the Covid-19 jab? These people are fanatical. Truly fanatical! They must lie awake in bed at night saying, “Covid, Covid, Covid, the jab, the jab, the jab…we must vaccinate every human on earth 14 times!” Wackos.

News quote: “Doubling down on the need for injections, Pope Francis added that while “vaccines are not a magical means of healing, yet surely they represent, in addition to other treatments that need to be developed, the most reasonable solution for the prevention of the disease.”

(Hard-core Calvinists object to vaccines. They say vaccines are “mankind trying to play God” and “mankind trying to be perfect, but only God can be perfect, so vaccines are anti-God and sacrilegious”).


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