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16 April, 2022

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Hey, Dope, what’s the West? In other words, what race is the West? WHITE! Wake up, Dope. “ROME, Italy — Pope Francis accused the West of racism Friday, insisting migrants are “subdivided” by skin color and country of origin.” [Article].

6 February, 2022

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“Sharing ownership is not communism, it is pure Christianity” — The Pope, April 2021. Sounds great. Fellow Christian, where is our $700,000 Lamborghini? I want to drive it.

27 January, 2022

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Coming next: the “official” embracing of pedophiles, rapists and eventually various killers. Into the toilet Western culture goes. Indeed, what’s “Western” about modern churches? They all push for more Brown immigration. News headline: “Pope Francis tells parents to embrace, not condemn, children with ‘different sexual orientations’” (but how does a child know that he’s homosexual? […]

15 January, 2022

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It seems that powerful religious figures have a long, long habit of ignoring the sexual abuse of children by pedophiles. That doesn’t seem very Christian to me. It’s a common tactic for high-ranking churchmen to simply move “molesting priests” around the church circuit. For example, if a priest is molesting children in Texas, the high […]

10 January, 2022

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What is it with leftists and the Covid-19 jab? These people are fanatical. Truly fanatical! They must lie awake in bed at night saying, “Covid, Covid, Covid, the jab, the jab, the jab…we must vaccinate every human on earth 14 times!” Wackos. News quote: “Doubling down on the need for injections, Pope Francis added that […]

20 October, 2021

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Pope Karl Marx is making social recommendations again. I thought Pope Marx was about religion? That’s not religion. What’s “hate speech” anyway? Hate is an emotion, so it must mean “emotion speech”?? Does that mean “talk like a robot when you speak”?? In monotone?? Pope Marx is a strange and dangerous man. “…I ask the […]

18 October, 2021

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Leftist Citizen #1: “Look at that huge fire! They’re burning the city down!” Leftist Citizen #2: “Yes, isn’t it so poetic and beautiful?? I should be taking pictures!!” Leftist Citizen #3: (*sigh*) “I just love poetry!!” This pope is worthless. He’s the most leftist pontiff in history. He likely has a portrait of Karl Marx […]

12 September, 2021

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(Above: Jewish communist leader Matyas Rakosi [real name: Rosenfeld] of Hungary, circa 1950. The vicious little runt terrorized Hungary from 1947 to 1956). Hungary has been sacked twice by communist Jews: once in 1919 by Bela Kun, and once in 1947 by Matyas Rakosi [1]. But nonetheless, the Pope is warning Hungary about…wait for it…”anti-Semitism”! […]

16 February, 2020

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From a news quote: “Pope Francis and European Jewish Congress president Moshe Kantor discuss future World Holocaust Forums”. Oh, yeah, I’m sure they “discussed” future Hollowswindle forums real hard. For hours. Maybe days! Ever since the Vatican II sell-out [1], the Jews have more-or-less controlled the Catholic Church. The Jews say “jump” and the Church […]

14 July, 2015

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Incredible. Can you imagine, instead of a hammer-and-sickle crucifix, some leader giving the Pope a swastika crucifix? Neither can I. The outcry would be deafening. [Article].