18 February, 2022

A Corner, Painted Into

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Voter #1: “The leftists are going to have to steal the November mid-term elections.

Voter #2: “Why?”

Voter #1: “Do you honestly think that the leftists can win the elections on their own, without theft? Honestly??? After all the crap they have pulled during the Big Biden Nightmare? The 2020 election theft? The Afghanistan pullout fiasco? The supply-chain fiasco? The horrible Covid-19 mandates? Sky-high inflation? Illegal aliens flooding into America? Gas prices doubled? Even leftists aren’t going to vote for the Left.”

The liberals have painted themselves into a corner from which there is no escape. And things will only get worse: Joe Biden will likely be completely senile by July. Then what? Kamala becomes president? Absolutely nobody in DC (or in the rest of America) wants that.

The leftists have only two choices in November: lose the mid-term elections (and we’re talking losing very badly), or try to steal them. Both options suck for the leftists. If they try to steal them, too many people are going to be hip to it since they already stole the 2020 election.

This isn’t a good time for leftists in America. Their “brand” is very unpopular. In fact, it’s likely that the Left will never recover from the Big Biden Nightmare.

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