6 March, 2022

Have No More Faith in the American Power Centers

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So, Big Media took “hush money” from Big Government to keep quiet about the negative side-effects of the Covid-19 “vaccines.” Worse than that, even the “conservative” news outlets took the hush money. Only “positive coverage” of the “vaccines” was allowed. So much for integrity and honesty and ethics. (Donald Trump was right about one thing: “the lying media” was just that).

The Covid scam is shaping up to be the blackest period in recent American history. In addition to the deaths and maimings, we had lies, more lies, pay-offs, fear, intimidation, jobs lost, businesses closed forever. And none of it had to happen. A handful of (((globalists))) wanted it to happen, so it did.

The bottom line? Citizen, the next time the media, or the government, tells you something (anything), laugh loudly and say, “ohh, suuure! Tell me another lie!” The days of trust are over.


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