31 March, 2022

More On Globalism

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(Above: a dead American soldier, Korea, 1950. Globalism killed him).

How many people have been killed by globalism, in some way, since 1900? At least 100 million people (60 million in WWII alone; 50 countries fought in WWII! Why? Uhhh…oh, that’s right: because Adolf Hitler was an evil, one-balled maniac who was going to enslave the entire universe and murder all of the cute little puppies within it, OMG!!!!). Maybe more. Yet strangely, many people have never noticed that. They don’t get the connection between “death” and “globalism.” Want to live? Embrace isolationism (and end central banking/fiat money).

(((They))) want you to think that globalism is good. But it’s not. In fact, globalism sucks and they know it sucks. Globalism causes wars. It forces countries into political alliances (“global street gangs”) that they don’t want to join (which is why globalism will eventually die off, but not before killing millions more people). Look at the 2003 Iraq War: it was a global street gang of 7 countries lying about, and then attacking, Iraq [1]. The countries involved in the Iraq War didn’t want to be there but were armed-twisted into joining the fight by America (the King of the Globalists). See how globalism turns friends into enemies? Ditto the Korean War (in 1950), which 21 countries fought; America sent 300,000 troops to Korea; Britain sent 14,000. Why? Good question. Why? How was Korea our fight? Ditto Vietnam [2].

Globalism is also killing all regional differences in the world. France? Thanks to out-of-control immigration, there will no longer be a “French” culture, or a “British” culture, or a “German” culture. The West will be a “giant casserole” of 30 different races/cultures. Won’t that be fun?? UNESCO’s Brown Man will have arrived.


[1] The United States, Britain, Australia and Poland attacked Iraq in 2003 based on Zionist lies about Saddam Hussein having “weapons of mass destruction” (he didn’t, of course), with support from Italy, Netherlands and Spain. The Iraq War was hatched by civilian, neocon Jews in the Pentagon’s Office of Special Plans.

[2] Re: America and the Korean War: β€œIs UN machinery a legal substitute for congressional action? If that were possible, the President and the Senate could rely on the treaty process to strip from the House of Representatives its constitutional role in deciding and participating in questions of war. Following that same logic, the President and the Senate, through the treaty process, could rely on the United Nations to determine trade and tariff matters, again bypassing the prerogatives of the House of Representatives. The history of the United Nations makes it very clear that all parties in the legislative and executive branches understood that the decision to use military force through the United Nations required prior approval from both Houses of Congress.” (So, Truman’s “police action” in Korea was illegal. Ditto Johnson’s sending of 2,700,000 troops [total] to Vietnam. Quoting Johnson: “I will not send U.S. boys to fight in Vietnam” but 6 months later he did, because Big Jew always outranks Little Texan even if he is the most powerful White man on earth! Also, look up “Walt Rostow” and Vietnam).

β€” Dr. Louis Fisher, Library of Congress Senior Specialist in Separation of Powers and Specialist in Constitutional Law. Note that this comment above also applies to the NATO air attack on Serbia in 1999, which involved mostly U.S. pilots (I think 78% of the pilots were American) and which came after a UN mandate, and ditto the Iraq War in 2003. Those American wars were therefore illegal wars, since Congress did not declare war each time, as it should have done.

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