25 March, 2022

More Thoughts on Postmodernism, or, the Bold Fraud of Leftism

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This “libraries buying leftist research papers” situation is interesting, and it’s more proof that leftism is a fraud. It seems that libraries have to buy the research papers (with your tax dollars), even though nobody reads them, and even though the papers aren’t cited (because they suck). Ever wonder how/why leftism is almost entirely funded with your tax dollars?? Contrast that to rightism, which isn’t funded by your tax dollars — just the opposite, in fact: rightism is under daily attack via your tax dollars! Amazing, isn’t it?? You’re paying for your own destruction, White man!

Re: Jordan Peterson, there’s something important that newbies can learn from his experience: even if you are “polite” and never mention the Jews, you’ll still be chased out of the universities, so you might as well mention the Jews [1]. Being polite won’t help you because, as the Left moves further and further leftward, merely not mentioning the Jews isn’t enough to save you from leftist harassment and terror.

Joe Stalin said one thing that I agree with: “Ideas are dangerous. We don’t let the people have guns. Why should we let them have ideas?” Yes! Ideas are very dangerous, such as CRT. Marxism and Postmodernism (aka, PostMarxism) are two ideas that should be totally banned in the West. They are very destructive.

Postmodernist philosophy is dangerous since, under the “rules” of it, anything is possible. Anything. It has “flexible realities.” It says “all humans have a different reality. There are no absolutes or facts in the world. Everything is relative. Indeed, facts are merely tools of oppression invented by White males. It’s impossible to tell what is true and what is not true, since there’s no such thing as absolute truth.” As such, if you believe X, then X is true, since that’s your reality. This is pure nonsense. Pure bullshit. “Everybody has a different road map of the same area” in other words! Try getting everyone to the same destination when everyone has a different map! Some “philosophy”! More like “anti-philosophy”! Assholes!

The postmodernist Jews, Jacques Derrida and Ludwig Wittgenstein, hit upon a dangerous idea: “words can mean whatever you want them to mean.” That’s a dangerous idea. That’s why ridiculous ideas — such as trannyism — are taken seriously by some people today.

Postmodernism, while it contains a few non-Jews — like the homosexual child molester Michel Foucault — is, nonetheless, full of Jews and so it can be called “a Jewish movement” [2].

In this video, Peterson is essentially talking about the Old Left vs. the New Left. The Old Left was about class and labor issues. The New Left was more radical, and was about demonizing White men, who are “oppressors.” You see, White men are always oppressing innocent creatures: Blacks, Browns, Jews, women, gypsies, midgets, Hare Krishnas, people who eat broccoli, sweet little puppy dogs, cute kittens. How dare they!! Those evil White men!! Spawns of Satan!! In fact, shave a White man’s head and you’ll see “666” imprinted in his scalp, just like in the movie “The Omen”!! (*shudder*) .

Quoting/paraphrasing Peterson: “Jacques Derrida, head trickster for the postmodernist movement.” “It’s a post-Marxist sleight of hand. The world (according to the Left) “went from bourgeoisie vs. proletariat” (which failed after most of the working class saw through that bullshit and rejected it) to “ohh, wait, it’s no longer about rich vs. poor, no, it’s about oppressed vs. oppressor” (same thing, just slightly different. Now it included race and sex, with the White male being the bad guy, but he’s even more of a bad guy now, since his victims are even more numerous! Half of the world is female! Add to that number Blacks, Browns and queers, and you’ve got “White men oppressing most of the world.” This began circa 1960 when postmodernism began).

(I have said this myself: all of the universities must be defunded by the states until they stop teaching leftist extremism. Indeed, the Humanities courses (i.e., anything having to do with humans, e.g., anthropology, sociology, etc.) are warping White minds right now ).

[Video, 11 minutes].


[1] Peterson, a tenured professor at the University of Toronto, resigned due to relentless leftist pressure: He said, “I am academic persona non grata, because of my unacceptable philosophical positions. And this isn’t just some inconvenience. These facts rendered my job morally untenable. How can I accept prospective researchers and train them in good conscience knowing their employment prospects to be minimal?”

[2] the central part of postmodernist philosophy is social constructionism (i.e., the social construction of reality) which was a Jewish movement: it was created by Jews such as: Edmund Husserl, Alfred Schutz, Max Scheler and later Peter L. Berger (who, like Scheler, was a convert from Judaism to Christianity). Other Jews who contributed to social constructionism were Emile Durkheim and Claude Levi-Strauss. Postmodernists believe that society is an artificial, “White male construct” (in other words, all things in society are fake (even race) because evil White males created them in order to control Blacks, Browns, women, Jews and midgets. Yeah, suuuure. In this way, postmodernism is a type of Critical Theory. It’s an attack on White culture. It’s “PostMarxism” or “updated Marxism”. Lastly, postmodernist philosophy is deliberately over-complicated and wordy in order to make it nearly impossible to define, as one expert said. It’s the perfect weapon for Jews and leftists. It can be used for any occasion: just spout some Derrida to “win” any argument. Of course, you can never “win” an argument with postmodernist philosophy because there are no facts or truth! How would you “win” an argument if there are no facts or truth? Oh, dear, what a mess…words everywhere, thoughts scattered…

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