2 March, 2022

Vlad the Terrible vs. Brainy Joe B

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These are scary times. Vlad the Terrible (Vlad Putin) may soon rain thermonuclear hell down onto the Western world. We could all be turned into ashes. Dust. (*shudder*). So, we must be sure that our hero, Righteous Joe Biden, the protector of the free world (because America is the most powerful free country) is up to the task of dealing with Vlad the Horrible. Is Joe truly able to save us from vaporization? There’s only one way to find out: a cognitive ability test for Joe. Now, I’m sure Joe can easily pass such a test. He’s a mental giant, ya know. But just to be sure, let us all, collectively, kindly ask Joe to submit to a cognitive ability test, on live TV, with a live audience present to boot, just to make sure he’s up to defending the free world from Mad Vlad the Vaporizer. If he isn’t, hey, no worries, because I’m sure the Honorable Kamala Harris is more than capable of dealing with Vlad the Immolator. Right? Right! Kamala’s like, well, Clint Eastwood, only more steely-eyed. A cold gaze from Kamala and Vlad would melt into kasha (Russian porridge)! Da! Da!

What’ya say, Joe? You can ace that cog test in minutes! No worries!

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