12 March, 2022

Who Are These People??

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Newbies, understand one thing: globalism doesn’t prevent wars. Globalism causes wars! How do you think WWI and WWII happened? This is how: what started out as regional conflicts went global each time. Dozens of different countries jumped into the fight each time, even though those fights were not their fights. WWII had 50 different countries involved in it! Yes! 47 on the Allied side and 3 on the Axis side. Explain to me how WWII was the business of 50 different countries. Go ahead! Explain away! You can’t, so don’t even try. Global wars are pure, total bullshit. It’s hard to believe that there were 2 world wars within 25 years! Un-fucking-believable! Are humans really that stupid?? Yes, they are.

Don’t be led down the false path of globalism. You can see what’s happening right now: there’s a new Cold War — possibly shaping up into a hot war — between Russia/China on one side and the West on the other, and guess who’s responsible for this new Cold War? Right! The same globalists as usual: the people who push for more NATO, more EU, and more UN involvement all over the world, and especially now in Eastern Europe. Don’t fall for it. It’s a scam. Globalism kills. Stop it.

[Video about global politics; 49 minutes].

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