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28 March, 2022

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What is very curious is that the entire White Western world is lined up against Russia. Not just some of the West. No. All of the West, as if all of the White countries are getting their marching orders from the same 10 billionaire Jews (which they are, right, George?). The Jews might think to […]

12 March, 2022

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Newbies, understand one thing: globalism doesn’t prevent wars. Globalism causes wars! How do you think WWI and WWII happened? This is how: what started out as regional conflicts went global each time. Dozens of different countries jumped into the fight each time, even though those fights were not their fights. WWII had 50 different countries […]

23 October, 2019

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Pentagon official #1: “Surely you realize that, by treating Russia as the ‘perpetual bad guy’ in the world, sooner or later, America will fight a war with Russia, possibly even World War III.” Pentagon official #2: “I know! Isn’t it great?? Give war a chance, I always say!” . A news article, Oct. 23: “The […]

6 December, 2014

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Why would America want war with Russia? I’ll tell you why: the Jews who control America don’t trust Russia, for several reasons. They don’t want a “non-democratic” White superpower which could compete with America. And Russia knows too much about the true nature of the Jews due to the Bolshevik era. Furthermore, Russia won’t cooperate […]

12 September, 2006

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I recently was browsing through the headlines at Michael Rivero’s excellent information clearing house,, when I stumbled upon an article written by one Edward Bernard Glick titled “America’s youth must serve their country, one way or another.” The article was the typical bilge one sees so often these days. The author asserted: “The United […]

1 August, 2006

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Buchanan on Qana slaughter …because America provides Israel with the bombs it uses on Lebanon, and we refused to restrain the Israelis, and we opposed every effort for a cease-fire before Sunday, America shares full moral and political responsibility for the massacre at Qana.

1 August, 2006

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Kiryat Blona — In war news today, 31-year-old Felooshnika Brittlebaum was raced to the hospital for fear a Katyusha bee-bee was lodged in her ass, potentially causing a very serious infection. Dr. Meir Kandi told Fox News that Brittlebaum oversees a daycare center. Instead of fingerpainting, they have the kids decorate missiles. Brittlebaum had just […]

1 August, 2006

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[Downloadable audio files of 9/11 Comes in August This Year: Streaming mp3: Good (16 kb/16 khz) Better (32 kb/24 khz) Best (48 kb/44 khz)] by Edgar J. Steele My name is Edgar J. Steele. This is a Nickel Rant. The massacre of over 50 civilians in Qana, Lebanon, more than half of them little children, […]

30 July, 2006

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This is for all you christians, with your defective brains, your tiny souls, your missing guts. Provided purely for your sado-sexual pleasure, itz… Uncle Abraham’s Sunday Murder Buffet… All the toasted babies, fried mamas and pastrified pops you can eat, drink, smoke, and jerk off to for the eensy-weensy price of 10 million dollars a […]

30 July, 2006

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by JERRY GHINELLI NEW YORK — The government of Israel today launched a massive air assault on suspected terrorist targets along coastal cities of the United States of America.