5 April, 2022

Obamacare Still Haunts America

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You can call Obamacare “ScrewWhiteyCare” because well-to-do Whites were taxed heavily so that Blacks could enjoy free (or nearly-free) healthcare. As usual, Whites must pay for Blacks. Indeed, Blacks are “expensive people.” In fact, if you were to tally up how much money White people spend per year due to Black people, the amount would shock you. Billions or even trillions of dollars (e.g., arresting, prosecuting and jailing Black “career criminals” costs billions of dollars all by itself).

“Hauling Obama in to tout Joe’s Obamacare “fix” is ridiculous stuff, particularly since, as Axios notes, the “fix” won’t fix the monster Obamacare premium hikes scheduled to roll in by the end of the year…Obama is the Democrat party’s big gun, the guy who has successfully used Obamacare to help Democrats in the polls. He’s the guy being called in to help bail Joe Biden out.” (Wait, wait, I thought that America was a racist country?? How/why did that happen??)


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