5 April, 2022

Teachers Engage in Felony Child Abuse

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(As Flounder in the 1978 comedy movie “Animal House”):

“A Gender Unicorn! Oh, boy, is this gonna be great!!”

No, it won’t be great. Once a child’s innocence is lost, he can’t get it back. It’s gone forever.

I’d like to meet the Jew (there’s no doubt it was a Jew) who began the old lie that liberals are better, “kinder” and “more compassionate” people and so on and so forth. Liberals are “better” people? No, liberals are cruel, Satanic people. (For example: how many innocent people were harmed by 2 years of liberal media lies about Covid-19? Millions. How many innocent people were harmed by 1 and 1/2 years of liberal lies about the Covid “vaccines”? Millions more. That’s pure evil. That’s a giant “hate crime” in fact). (One expert said: “To liberals, a policy that kills millions but makes them feel good about themselves is a win, not a loss” — indeed. To a liberal, if it feels good, do it!).

Public schools are Marxist indoctrination centers funded by White tax dollars. Why would you ever send your children to a public school?

News headline: “Leaked documents show disturbing strategies teachers use to groom kids into LGBTQ+ ideology”


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