17 April, 2022

Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, Russia, Russia, Russia!

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Newbies, have you seen the “news” lately? It’s “Ukraine/Russia” hysteria 24/7. It’s just like Covid-19 hysteria, but it involves war instead of a virus (if indeed Covid even exists. How would we know? A nurse I know said that she’s “never met anyone who has had Covid”; many people report the same thing. Where is all this “Covid”? And how would anybody know, medically speaking, since the PCR test didn’t work well for detecting Covid in live humans?).

Why does the media want us to really, really, really care about a war on the other side of the world that doesn’t even involve America? I can think of two reasons:

1. The American/Western media is a Jewish-controlled industry. Jews hate and fear Vladimir Putin, partly because he knows Russian history and he knows that the Jewish Bolsheviks raped-and-murdered Russia from 1917-1953. Indeed, Putin is privy to inside information about Russia/Jews. “Ukraine/Russia” hysteria allows the Jews to demonize Putin 24/7.

2. The Judeo-leftist-run “Joe Biden administration” has ruined America in record time (in just over a year!), and the media Jews know it. So the Jews are keeping the public distracted from that fact with 24/7 “Ukraine/Russia” hysteria (i.e., lies) [1]: “Don’t worry about America. Look over there in Ukraine! Putin is the next Hitler! OMG!!”


[1] About life in Ukraine now: “Despite these strikes, Lviv moves as normal. I see that the shops are open and people walk casually as the buses and trains pass by as usual. This indicates that the public here knows from these experiences that Russia has not been trying to victimize the innocent population of Lviv, instead using precision advanced munitions for purely military targets only.”

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