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13 November, 2014

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Yes, Jews are nation-wreckers who delight in ruining White countries with various “poisons” (e.g., feminism, homosexual rights, sexual hedonism, financial manipulations), but Cohn-Bendit has gone further than most Jews in that way. He led the Marxist student revolt in France in 1968, and later he defended adult sexual behavior with children [1]. It’s amazing that […]

8 October, 2014

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by Dr. William Pierce. (Note: October 7th was the 59th anniversary of the first public reading of Ginsberg’s filthy poem “Howl”) […] “Let me tell you about Allen Ginsberg, this great and sensitive soul who contributed so much to America and whose passing we all should mourn. Ginsberg was a drug-crazed, homosexual, Communist Jew. I […]