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14 February, 2018

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People who claim to be “bisexual” are almost always homosexual. But they can’t admit to themselves that they are homosexual, so they adopt the label “bisexual” because it’s much easier to wear: “bisexual” doesn’t have all of the negative baggage that “homosexual” has [1][2]. A disproportionate number of famous people (e.g., actors, singers, writers) are […]

1 April, 2017

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I have formed what I think is a sensible opinion about “bisexuality”: there’s no such thing. While I’m not an expert on human biology or sexuality, years of personal observation have led me to believe that people who say they are “bisexual” are really homosexual. Why would they call themselves “bisexual”? Because they are in […]

15 February, 2015

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The media is always happy to mention that another social “Other” will be taking public office, this time in Oregon. This woman is called a “bisexual.” But many people believe that there’s no such thing as a bisexual. They instead believe that the word “bisexual” is just a mask or a cover – in other […]