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7 May, 2008

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During the ‘war on terror’ – a.k.a., the war on Israel’s enemies – all you need to do is follow the government’s orders and everything will be just swell. America’s Jewish leaders, such as Chertoff and Attorney General Michael Mukasey, are safeguarding your interests 24/7. It’s true. Really. Think no more about it: [Article].

13 January, 2008

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Do you still think that jets flying into the massive twin towers and steel girders defying the laws of physics is what brought them down? WAKE UP! Listen to Mark Faust as he goes through the evidence and uses a whole lot of common sense to explain the truth. *UPDATE* Show was not live tonight, […]

6 September, 2007

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Trivia: Department of Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff, the son of a rabbi, was a co-author of the PATRIOT Act: [Article] [1] about Chertoff: [Here]