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23 December, 2020

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by Nicholas R. Jeelvy. “The archetypal example would be the John Birch Society, which was misled, manipulated, and subverted through poisonous alliances with Red Sea pedestrians pretending to be its friends.” Jews are “Red Sea pedestrians”! I’ll have to remember that one! [Article].

8 October, 2015

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(This week’s William Pierce Wednesday item is being posted today instead) by Dr. William Pierce. […] “After reading The Neutralizers I wrote a long letter to Welch, pointing out that my own studies had convinced me that Jews had much more than an incidental involvement in Communism. In fact, I told him, I was convinced […]

14 May, 2015

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In the article below, Dr. Pierce mentions the John Birch Society. That reminded me of a funny anecdote about the JBS. One day, years ago, I went to a JBS meeting. At one point during the meeting, a Bircher warned me that I should avoid associating with groups such as the KKK and neo-Nazis, because, […]

30 June, 2014

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Note the mention of the John Birch Society. I used to be a Bircher. (So did Revilo Oliver). Had I only known then…[1]. [Article]. [1] a local Birch leader once told me that the Ku Klux Klan was left-wing because they were “collectivist” and not individualist. This is the philosophy of the Jew Ayn Rand […]

23 September, 2009

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VNN hasn’t forgotten Revilo Oliver (although granted, there is less focus on him here on the front page than on Pierce, mainly for stylistic reasons): [Article]. (Also, re: Oliver and the John Birch Society: read about “The Neutralizers” by Birch Society founder Welch in which he says that anti-Semitism is merely a diversion from anti-Communism. […]