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23 February, 2022

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Alex often calls the political Left “the Judeo-left” or the “J-left.” Why? You’re about to see why. If leftism (aka, liberalism) were a house, “all of the carpenters who built it were Jews.” (Newbies, when I say “Jews” I mean Jews-by-ethnicity or Jews-by-DNA. I am not referring to their religion). Post-Enlightenment leftism (i.e., leftism from […]

13 January, 2021

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Collier was a well-known leftist in the 1960s and was closely associated with David Horowitz. The Jewish Marxist, Herbert Marcuse, was the godfather of the New Left — which gives you an idea of the severeness of its goals and aims [1]. In the 1960s, the New Left basically “declared war” on traditional America. That’s […]

18 June, 2020

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(Above: Herbert Marcuse, the author of the philosophical bible of the New Left, “One-Dimensional Man” [1964]). I find it both funny and heartening that Newt Gingrich would mention Herbert Marcuse, the Jewish godfather of the New Left, a liberal movement which began circa 1964. I have mentioned Marcuse many times. Quoting Newt: “People ask me […]