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19 February, 2021

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That was quick. One month! Gee, I don’t recall voting for her for president. Of course, all of the laws/mandates that Joe “Where’s My Brain?” Biden has signed since January 20 are now very, very suspect…maybe someone should look into that matter… [Article].

14 June, 2020

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Why is America cracking up right now in the liberal cities like Seattle, Minneapolis, and elsewhere? Well, let’s walk through it. Who do the liberals hate more than any other people on earth? The evil White males. They built the world. How dare they! In the minds of liberals, who is the biggest personification of […]

9 June, 2020

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The media Jews and the Left have invented various crises intended to de-throne Donald Trump: Russian Collusion Hysteria, the Mueller Report, Impeachment Hysteria, Coronavirus Hysteria, George Floyd Mania, etc. But all the crises have failed to damage Trump’s popularity (indeed, Joe Biden is a ridiculous presidential candidate). Even the current George Floyd Cataclysm will soon […]

1 November, 2019

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Leftist congressional staffer #1: “Look, we can build our own anti-Trump whistleblower and win back the White House in 2020 with a phony impeachment frame-up!” Leftist congressional staffer #2: “Yeah, okay, we might as well build one. We certainly can’t win the 2020 election with these people: Biden can’t complete a speech without babbling, and […]

23 May, 2014

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Non-White countries are much more politically unstable than White countries; coups, riots and assassinations happen much more often in non-Western countries – something to think about the next time a Jew or leftist tells you that humans are “equal.” [Article].