14 June, 2020

The Political Left is Scared to Death Now and Is Acting Up

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Why is America cracking up right now in the liberal cities like Seattle, Minneapolis, and elsewhere?

Well, let’s walk through it.

Who do the liberals hate more than any other people on earth? The evil White males. They built the world. How dare they!

In the minds of liberals, who is the biggest personification of the evil White male? Donald Trump, by a long mile. The liberals don’t merely dislike Trump, they hate him with a burning passion! Hence the term “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

In the minds of liberals, who is the second-biggest personification of the evil White male? The police.

Bingo. There’s the answer to the above question. But wait, it gets better:

The liberals know for certain that Trump will win the November 3rd election, because Joe Biden couldn’t debate a 10-year-old now. His brain is on a permanent vacation. Even if Biden drops out of the race, the Left has no one else to run against Trump; even Michael Bloomberg couldn’t cut the mustard.

“Trumpism” not only works, it works great: Trump’s economy was the best economy since 1969, before the liberal media’s Coronavirus hysteria-mongering killed it! It’s the new great thing, Trumpism is, and the Left knows it! The Left is therefore scared to death that Trumpism will spread, so it’s acting out/acting up. The liberals believe that, if they can cause enough mayhem in America (including racial mayhem), it will ruin Trump’s chances of being re-elected and also discredit Trumpism (and I’m not the only one who believes that: consider this).

But the ploy won’t work: as Americans become disgusted with leftist and Black bullshit (wait, that should read: leftist>>>Black bullshit since one leads to the other), they will not reject Trump. They will embrace him. So Trump, the “orange-haired fascist,” will enjoy four more years of remaking the Supreme Court, remaking the federal court system, remaking immigration policy, remaking the economy, etc.

That’s why America is coming unglued now. Certain people are making it come unglued. They want it that way (that’s “seditious conspiracy,” by the way, a crime which carries a 20-year prison sentence).

As for the Blacks: they rioted first, yes, but they were egged on by the usual suspects in the liberal media and on the political Left. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit to learn that certain Blacks received phone calls or text messages from Antifa-types immediately before the George Floyd riots, urging them on — with hot-button words like “racism” and “privilege” — to riot and loot.

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