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22 December, 2020

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“There is no such thing as ‘safe’ socialism. If it’s safe, it’s not socialism. And if it’s socialism, it’s not safe.” — Margaret Thatcher. “A global meeting to push global, Jewish socialism? Then why don’t you have the meeting in Cuba? Because you’re not having it in Switzerland.” That should be Switzerland’s official response to […]

5 August, 2019

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Someone wrote: “Switzerland. The country has about 2 million privately owned guns in a nation of 8.3 million people. In 2016, the country had 47 attempted homicides with firearms. (US had 40,000 in 2018). The country’s overall murder rate is near zero. What is so different about the USA?” . Lots of things are different. […]

6 April, 2015

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The Holocaust is an endless cash cow. Germany has been paying Holocaust reparations to the Jews since 1953, with no end in sight. There is so much money to be had that there will be 2nd-, 3rd- and even 4th-generation “Holocaust survivors” cashing in. (The Jews even shook down Switzerland for Holocaust reparations, even though […]

30 November, 2014

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They want more brown immigrants, apparently. [Article].

28 November, 2014

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Let’s hope the Swiss reject any more immigrants. How would more brown people make Switzerland better? [Article].

24 October, 2014

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“The federal government and all major political parties have come out against the initiative, with Justice Minister Simonetta Sommaruga recently calling it ‘xenophobic’ and harmful to the Swiss economy, which she said depends on immigrants.” What a fool she is. As if economics is more important than your culture. Newbies, nothing is more important than […]

11 May, 2014

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In fact, America is the last remaining White country where you can freely criticize Jews and other non-Whites without legal penalty. As Tom Metzger said (paraphrasing), “the West will stand or fall on the fate of America.” The USA really is the last outpost for freedom. This includes speech rights, gun rights, property rights, civic […]

14 February, 2014

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So much for “freedom” in the “democratic” Western countries. (Yeah, you’re “free” alright: you’re free to agree with the globalists who want to wreck the West with brown immigration). [Article].

6 August, 2013

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You’ve heard that old saying, “the Devil’s in the details.” That’s true. But the Jews don’t want you to notice details, such as: why did the Polish government subtract 2.5 million “victims” from the official Holocaust story? Why do the Jews keep harping about “6 million” victims when that “official” number no longer exists? Here’s […]

10 February, 2010

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by Dr. William Pierce. “A subject we’ve discussed often enough on these broadcasts for many of you to be tired of hearing about it is the continuing — make that the escalating — Jewish effort to extort reparations from the rest of the world for claimed injuries done to Jews of past generations by Gentiles […]