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8 May, 2016

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I’ve heard this basic argument before. It goes: “when you’re trying to convince someone, don’t use logic. People aren’t moved by logic. Use emotion and the old ‘smear-by-association’ tactic instead.” But to me it’s a little more complicated than that, since the Left/Right playing field is uneven from the get-go. Leftist/liberal ideas often appeal to […]

27 December, 2015

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The National Alliance’s famous essay “Who Rules America?” is very important. It can change minds – it certainly changed mine. But sadly, the essay has not been updated since about 2004 – that’s a long time to go without an update. Well, why not help update it, all of you WNs out there? Read the […]

7 August, 2015

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The media bias against Donald Trump is increasing. According to the media, he performed poorly in Thursday’s political debates. But that’s not true. He didn’t perform poorly. I find it interesting that even the “conservative” media is treating Trump like he’s a threat to humanity. Trump’s anti-immigration stance has the cuckservative media just as worried […]

25 February, 2015

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Will Williams: regarding this thread at VNN Forum, can you make the “Who Rules America?” essay available at the new NA website? I don’t see any version of that essay there now.

13 February, 2015

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Jewish Hollywood is going beyond “gay” characters on TV. Now, there are “transgender” characters. (Actually, the word “transgender” is incorrect, since it’s impossible for humans to change their biological sex. A male who “becomes” a female still has male sex chromosomes). [Article].

8 February, 2015

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Shootings are common in America. But mass shootings were uncommon until rather recently. Why are there so many mass shootings today? One reason is that many people in America feel disconnected and lost. Alienated. They don’t feel like they’re a part of a unified community. And one reason for those feelings of alienation is multiculturalism. […]

21 January, 2015

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It’s interesting that a Jew would use the term “Judeo-American empire”: […] “This is a more important religious rite of our times, the One Ring to rule them all, established in 2001, when the Judeo-American empire had reached the pinnacle of its power.” [Article].

27 December, 2014

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It cannot be stressed enough that if you come from a broken or non-traditional home, your chances of being an abnormal adult are much greater. You’re much more likely to be a serial killer, an animal abuser, a drug abuser, an alcoholic, a habitual liar, or a thief than if you come from a traditional, […]

11 December, 2014

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Here’s more proof that Britain is, culturally speaking, in big trouble. Of course, there are way too many Jews in the BBC management [1], just like there are way too many Jews in the American media companies. [Article]. [1] a Jew, Danny Cohen, became Director of BBC Television in 2013

21 April, 2014

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It’s early 2014, but already there have been several films in the movie theaters about Nazis: “The Monuments Men,” “Stalingrad” and now there’s a new one, “Walking With the Enemy.” And there are more such movies to come this year. Jewish Hollywood’s favorite sport is Nazi-bashing. [Article].