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26 February, 2007

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Recent advances in behavioral and biological sciences have shed light on reasons of severe political, economic and social crises that jolt out of the blue destroying or severely crippling nations. The researchers achieved these highly promising results by analyzing behavior of lemmings and applying their conclusions to the political process.

24 February, 2007

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[Stated flat out: only JEWS can be victims of World War Two.] German Book Redefines ‘Victimhood,’ Problematically Nonfiction Jack Fischel | Fri. Feb 23, 2007 The Fire: The Bombing of Germany, 1940-1945 By Jörg Friedrich Columbia University Press, 552 pages, $34.95. In the aftermath of World War II, Germany attempted to come to terms with […]

23 February, 2007

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Show concluded. While Dietrich is away we’ll be broadcasting the 2/19/07 broadcast of FTL with guest host James Hawthorne. Then stay tuned for premier broadcast of Detroit is Crap Radio. Showtime begins at: 7:00 PM CST. Click here to listen:

23 February, 2007

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23 February, 2007

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22 February, 2007

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BEAUTY Is it possible to measure beauty as it is with intelligence? Everyone knows that the ideal of beauty has changed throughout history. But a group of psychologists has tried to take the measurements on the most perfect face. They showed thousands of photos before different persons and ended up in a female and male […]

22 February, 2007

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Download: GoyFire_48.mp3 (65 MB) Archive and Podcast: here Shownotes: here Listen to Goyfire 48 now: 

21 February, 2007

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Marc Lemire’s Constitutional Challenge of Internet Censorship to be heard in February, 2007 – Toronto The culmination of three years of research will be brought down on the censors, across 20 hearing days in Toronto .

21 February, 2007

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A White Nationalist Reading of Dominique Venner’s Le Siècle de 1914: Utopies, guerres et révolutions en Europe au XXe siècle (Paris: Pygmalion, 2006) by Michael O’Meara To recreate a new aristocracy is the eternal task of every revolutionary project. -Guillaume Faye At the beginning of 20th century, peoples of European descent ruled the world. They […]

21 February, 2007

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Mr Linder: Here is a most interesting post that should be on VNN. DEP Gary Bontlebiase Said, February 21, 2007 @ 12:29 am About fifteen years ago I told a female friend (I thought she was) that she was making a big mistake marrying a man who was not a Negro, but a dark […]