5 September, 2007

Book Quote, re: Hitler’s Money System

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“But the truth was something very different. The truth was that Hitler’s money system–not the mere theory of it but its practical soundness and its actual widespread success both at home and abroad, a soundness and a success that were being demonstrated before the eyes of the whole world–laid the axe to the very root of the international bankers’ power and to their dream of world dominion. Gold unnecessary to make a currency sound and trustworthy! Money that could be issued in any necessary quantity without going into debt for it! No wonder the bankers stood aghast at the prospect and decided that Hitler had to be destroyed.”

— from pp. 920-921 of the book “Which Way Western Man?” (Hillsboro, West Virginia; National Vanguard Books, 2003) by William Gayley Simpson; revised edition (note: footnote numbers have been removed in the quote above). More about the book: [Here]

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    1. Revilo Says:

      I’ve long believed that Germany’s economic boom, both under National Socialist rule and the postwar German miracle, were due to the removal of jews from any influential positions in Germany. Germany was then able to focus of manufacturing real products without being constantly weakened by legions of jewish bloodsuckers.