4 November, 2008

Obama Wins Election

Posted by Socrates in democracy, democrazy, elections, General Decline, genocide of White culture, Obama, Socrates, voting, Western culture at 11:42 pm | Permanent Link

This is a very low point in Western history. The largest and most powerful White country (i.e., America) will soon be commanded by a mulatto. Are mulattoes Western? By the way, if you subtract the female vote and the mud vote, Obama wouldn’t have won the election – an interesting detail.

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  7. 161 Responses to “Obama Wins Election”

    1. Blightblingdouche Says:

      Except for misfits, normal people who are pissed off at Obongo’s election will come here and read the “worse is better” crap, then leave because it’s quite apparent that White nationalism has nothing to offer. White nationalism is controlled opposition.

    2. Krystian K. Kowalczyk Says:


      For the 1000th time, WWII is OVER. Time and events have progressed, and apparently they’ve left you in the dust, still raving like a madmen and pining uselessly for a time that will never come back. Move on.

    3. Zarathustra Says:

      Thank you, Mr. Linder and Socrates, for the new rule! Any so-called racially concious White person whose first order of business is to denigrate Slavs or Mediteranean Whites is either a fool or a troll or simply an A-hole. Just go to Russia, Poland, Serbia, the Czech Republic or the Ukraine and look at all those incredibally beautiful Slavic girls and tell them they’re not really White, they’re Mongolian. Chances are you’ll get your ass kicked repeatedly and deservedly so.

    4. gw Says:

      Topkea said: “Well, excuse me if I found my thought on the wisdom of Himmler and Hitler…but, of course, WNs today are far more brilliant racial thinkers than .”

      I know very well where you got your thought! It wasn’t worth going into. Hitler was a person who never traveled outside Europe, and was limited to the narrow outlook of a despondent, defeated, Austrian living in post WW 1 in Central Europe, trying to make a living in the terrible 1920s. In that setting, his bitter attitude was understandable, but it was that of a Central European from the collapsed Hapsburg empire. But this is not Central Europe, and not Austria. We are living in America in 2008. We have to deal with our present reality. Your insults serve no purpose except to cause division and dissension. I don’t know why they have been allowed here. They’re not worth discussing. That’s why I say you’re a troll — or one of those other things Zara mentioned.

    5. Campbell Crawford Clan Says:

      gw, you are spot on! America is not pre WWII Germany with a largely homogeneous population. The White people in this place that is currently called the (dis)United States can be and often are from different and mixed ethnic backgrounds.

      My family has been here since before the American Revolution, and due to Western European immigration and marriage among different ethnic groups, I am a Euro-mix of Anglo Saxon (English), Celt (Scot and Irish), and French. I am very proud of my heritage and my family’s history, but when it comes to the survival of our race what I identify with is White. Pan Aryanism is the future, so long as we never lose sight of our togetherness and oneness as a race. I am hopeful that Whites all over the world will wake up, drop the minor differences among us, and unite as brothers in the struggle against our eternal enemy.

    6. Igor Alexander Says:

      Antagonistes wrote: “So, you Nordic types who compensate for your sense of inferiority by adapting a superior attitude—you are driving your White brethren away, for no reason.”

      I’m sure that if you were to take a survey of the eye and hair color of the greatest achievers of the white race, you wouldn’t find much, if any, correlation.

    7. Igor Alexander Says:

      Socrates wrote: “‘mleccah’ is the name of a shit-stirring troll here at VNN. It has called itself many names, including ‘anti,’ ‘yeeuh,’ ‘wuh oh’ and ‘zwei.'”

      Thanks for the warning.

    8. paul maleski Says:

      Perhaps, I too, need a history lesson.
      Wasn’t Russia the first European Viking State? The Russians took Paris in 1814 and Berlin in 1945. The French nor the Germans ever took Moscow. However, Genghis Khan did. What is the difference between Hitler and Putin? Putin would look out of place selling bagels in Tel Aviv. Think about it!

    9. The White Knight Says:

      A filthy foul, low I.Q. mud race nigger, is now the President? How can this be? It is simply a matter of STUPID White pieces of race trading shit, that don’t know what to think, until the media tells them what to think. When I graduate from college next year I’m moving overseas. I absolutely cannot tolerate the mess that liberal, democratic brainwashed whites have gotten this Country into. A nigger cannot be President, he’s too dumb,ugly and weak! So in short I’ll say this, **** every single nigger and jew in the entire known World, and the World will be a better place, a perfect place! As for now the foul stench of nigger has polluted this nation, and it is indeed FOUL!

    10. paul maleski Says:

      Black day types:
      White Knight: Are you a kosher jew? Obama, the democratically elected black President of the USA is no fool! As for the Mensa IQ business, this is an interesting question: Just who is White Knight? : Please tell me ASAP! MI5/MI6 need to know. White Knight please tell the white civilized Christian World who pays you!? White Knight: You do not have to tell Paul Maleski anything but whatever you do tell me, must be the absolute truth! And if you do so! Please confirm to the Goyim that Iranian Mahmoud Saborjhian is a yid!

    11. paul maleski Says:

      Good night White Knight.