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30 April, 2009

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by Bradley R. Smith: [Here] and [Here].

29 April, 2009

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Checking the citizenship status of students who attend American schools is against the law, according to a horrible 1982 court ruling. (The court ruling – called Plyler v. Doe – apparently only applies to minors. However, since the Plyler ruling was based on the 14th Amendment, it isn’t legit, since that Amendment wasn’t properly ratified): […]

29 April, 2009

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by Dr. William Pierce. “Hello! Today I want to talk again about a growing threat to our freedom in America. In every White society, at all times, there have been people who valued freedom over comfort and security, and there have been people who valued comfort and security over freedom. Sometimes there are more of […]

29 April, 2009

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by Rev. Ted Pike: [Article].

29 April, 2009

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There are about 900,000 Holocaust monuments, memorials and museums in the world. But that’s not enough. Not even close. The Jews want more. Your tax dollars will pay for them, of course, and the guilt that those monuments create (by design) will ensure that more laws will be passed which take away your freedom of […]

29 April, 2009

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The Jew always wears a mask to hide his true nature, and he’s got a whole closet full of ’em: a liberal mask, a conservative mask, a White mask, etc.

28 April, 2009

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“Rich diversity” = Florida is full of New York Jews who moved south to avoid the cold weather. Once there, they made all sorts of demands like Jews always do: [Article].

28 April, 2009

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by Arch Stanton. The following 14 questions will test how far you’ve come in understanding how our world functions and the economic factors that influence that functioning. After reading the article far below, answer the following: (1) Is the western economic collapse a real problem for the masses of humanity or is it just regional […]

27 April, 2009

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Fragonard’s dreamy, idyllic paintings can be sort of useful right now due to the economic troubles we are in – you can forget almost anything while looking at his work. Trivia: Fragonard was nearly executed during the French Revolution for being on the “wrong” side of it. Another well-known French artist, J.L. David, stepped in […]

26 April, 2009

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald. “Disloyalty is an age-old issue with Jews, and for a simple reason: Jews often have interests as Jews that stretch beyond national boundaries. Even before the existence of Israel, Diaspora Jews often could be said to have a ‘foreign policy’ in the sense that there was a general consensus among Jews […]