30 December, 2009

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: “Sadistic”?

Posted by Socrates in 'human rights', border, General Decline, illegal immigration, jewed culture, Mexico, Mexinvasion, Socrates at 12:39 pm | Permanent Link

Look at what happens when you try to enforce the law in America, especially immigration law. By the way, what’s a “human right”?


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  7. 12 Responses to “Sheriff Joe Arpaio: “Sadistic”?”

    1. Annie Oakley Says:

      If Linda wants all these muds in Arizona how about SHE take care of them? Of course not. She wants to continue to stay in her lilly white world and benefit from almost free labor.

      I met Sheriff Joe in person last month. Fine man. Has basically told the feds to go to hell. He has a huge support and fan base not only in AZ but all over the country.

    2. Kuda Bux Says:

      “By the way, what’s a “human right”?”

      It means the right to enslave Whites.

    3. Ken Hallowell Says:


      This country is so completely fucked.
      Instead of realizing that big jew is
      the problem with his evil workings,
      somehow YOU’RE considered the
      problem just for mentioning the
      truth about the jews.

      I hope Ronstadt is gang-raped by
      Juan Valdez and all of his compinches
      some day.

    4. virgil Says:

      mexico must be “liberated” and colonized by our people.

    5. Lee Luttrell Says:

      Nothing new here….There are alot of people that live in the border states…especially down by the border itself, that want this….Just be thankful that they are easily identified and they don’t try to hide their beliefs and decieve you. The line has been drawn in the sand…its time to “pick a side!”

    6. Robert Cardillo Says:

      This is no surprise as Ronstadt herself is half Mexican. Typical liberal.

    7. Wolf Says:

      It is now clear, our worst nightmare has become reality.

      The radical fringe of the revolutionary Linda Ronstadt insurgency movement has become activated.

      God help us, every one.

    8. Bret Ludwig Says:

      Linda Ronsfat can go pound sand up her you know where. What the hell does she think Mexico would do to illegal borer crossers? Arpaio has never done as bad as they always do.

      She is nothing but a LA tequila circuit twat like the rest of those fruitcakes with their unplayable Ferrington guitars and Howard Dumble amps (the fat fat fat fucker) and their no nukes, more kooks mentality. She is sexually frustrated because with her weight and looks the Hollywood horseboys like Neeson, Penn and Dafoe won’t look at her anymore. She is reduced to chasing Dominican double A ball players.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      Linda Ronstadt looks and behaves like a JEWESS. The name Ronstadt sounds Jewy, too. She was the “Queen of Rock”? Really? Who bestowed that title on her, Rolling Stone magazine? Patti Smith, Janis Joplin, Grace Slick, Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, OK, but Linda Ronstadt??? Her music was no more Rock and Roll than the music of Joan Baez or Petula Clark. And she’s been a pain-in-the-ass liberal since I can remember.

      Definition of a “Human Right”: Special considerations and treatment for non-Whites and homosexuals only.

    10. Howdy Doody Says:

      Linda Ronstinko and Jerry Moonbeam Brown, now that was a couple of nuggets!!!


    11. Bret Ludwig Says:

      Jann Wenner’s Rolling Stone it was that called her “Queen of Rock” even though she was simultaneously on the AC and country charts. With males they had to be completely off the pop and country radar to even BE CONSIDERED rock.

      Also they were big on the singer songwriter or band songwriter concept. They thought Elvis was old and unhip (before he died) because he, like Snotrag, didn’t write his own tunes. RONSFAT DIDN’T EITHER.

      Of course, it’s all of a piece. She was politically correct and moved product on the cover. I never thought she was hot though.

    12. Kuda Bux Says:

      “The doctrine that ‘human rights’ are superior to ‘property rights’ simply means that some human beings have the right to make property out of others; since the competent have nothing to gain from the incompetent, it means the right of the incompetent to own their betters and to use them as productive cattle. Whoever regards this as human and right, has no right to the title of ‘human.’ ”

      Malice Rosenbomb