27 November, 2011

George Carlin And Temporariness In Our ‘Culture’

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I just saw again an old TV interview with the late comedian George Carlin – circa 1970 – in which he mentions that American culture is becoming more and more “temporary,” i.e., it’s made up of only short-term things (trends, fads and various pop culture). I said once that America doesn’t have a real culture anymore. But, did it ever have one? Or was it always just trendy nonsense?

A forum thread about pop culture: [Here].

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  7. 17 Responses to “George Carlin And Temporariness In Our ‘Culture’”

    1. torrence Says:

      Excellent commentary on American ‘culture’ from Billy Roper’s blog. No author is attributed, but I assume it is by him.

      Why they call it “Black Friday”.

      In dozens of incidents all across the country Friday and Saturday, consumers driven into a frenzy by consumerist urges to indulge in conspicuous consumption in order to avoid authenticity pushed, shoved, punched, pepper-sprayed, and shot at one another in an attempt to greedily grab a relative bargain on unnecessary Chinese junk. I believe it is called “Black Friday” because of the social behavior exhibited. The Roman patricians used to amuse themselves by throwing loaves of bread into the crowd at gladiatorial contests and watching the plebians fight over them. I myself have been guilty of a certain fascination when throwing corn to a flock of chickens, or feed to a school of carp in a pond, just to watch the feathers and foam fly. It is not amusing to see White people acting like a herd of wild Ethiopians clamoring around Sally Strothers over an XBox, though. The shallow plasticity of materialism aside, some day such fervor might be applied to more constructive pursuits, one would hope. My future America will not have Black Friday sales, or Black behavior, among either blacks, or Whites. I had the unanticipated opportunity to express my contempt towards such a capitalist who cares only about his financial profit margin over the weekend. We both came away sad. The time will come when only one of us will be. I’m flexing my smile.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      This time of year is illustrative of how stupid America is. Everyone has to fly on Thanksgiving so they can be with their asshole families 2000 miles away, families that they couldn’t wait to move away from in the first place.

      Then you have all the cafones sitting down together in the living room after Thanksgiving dinner to watch their favorite niggerball game on the big-ass flatscreen TV that Uncle Lou got from Best Buy for 60% off because it was a floor model. Meanwhile, their dingbat wives are in the kitchen dishing about some female relative who had the good sense to keep herself and her family away from those people…..So they criticize her and her unmarried 34 year old son who owns the flower shop….they suspect he’s a fag, but maybe it’s just a phase that Arthur is going through….

      Obnoxious commercials on TV trying to get you all hepped up about Black Friday. And the Jew ad agencies who make those TV commercials, along with the Jew-owned department stores, don’t even have the courtesy to call it Christmas, they call it a “holiday”. What balls. They want to you to go broke buying their chink-made crap for Christmas but they don’t want to call it Christmas because that might offend some Hindu-atheist-transsexual vegetarian.

      Then they have to cut down a big pine tree that took 60 years to get that tall and put it in front of the Black House or Rockefeller Center, so people who don’t like these holidays because of bad memories can get depressed and overdose on sleeping pills and what a wast of electricity besides. And then after it’s all over on January 2nd they throw their trees and gifts away and forget all about it until next Halloween. But they can’t really forget all about it because of their credit card bills.

      Is this country Judaized or what?

    3. CW-2 Says:

      Well said Tim, it is just like that in the jewK. At a Christmas time family get-together some years ago I had to endure watching on the jewtube a mudslim nigger giving us the ‘correct’ meaning of yule logs, holly and ivy, and othe Nordic symbols. If that wasn’t bad enough we were then treated to a virulent anti-White ‘comedy’ called ‘The Royale Family’, (no relation to the retirees in Buck House).

    4. bjt Says:

      Well I do like George Carlin’s way of saying things.
      Monday night nigger ball, can’t wait.

    5. torrence Says:

      Pretty good, Tim.

    6. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The kwa was from the start, a little kids sandbox, where the kid gets all the toys he wants, he can build , dump , make a helluva alot of racket cuz he’s in a forest of dumb deaf brutes who feed his every desire, no restraints from a nobility or aristocracy or even a stern father figure. eh fathers who need’s them, thats a European thing. Have you ever noticed how fast the kwa changes billboards? Or strip mall s fall into disrepair and instead of maintenance they move to a new location, constantly growing like some malignant tumour. that kewl mon.
      We got the worst of the bunch of Europeans, all these kwantards now they all claim to be part Injun.

    7. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Culture is basically the framework of a society, it’s the edifice it errects to embody its essence. The kwa has a culture. best epitomized by its large land fills, we have 4 in this city on each quadrant of the “metroturd ” area. These cultural symbols are the dominant theme of the kwas skyline, along with advertizing bill boards, now they have been digitilized so you can change the message without having to put up a new rag. The kwa is asqualid, fetid pile of manure without the accompanying stench , nor the belch and bawl of livestock.
      Humans in the kwa have been reduced to mere ants crawling along slime trails in oversophisticated buggies, going from pointless A to pointless B, and occasionally on a so called week end or Holy hoax day to a family gathering where the jew tube dominates, and the central topic is nigger ball and whats for sale at the mall. These fat dumb lazy kwantards religion is just a fusion of jungle boogey fused with voodooism and the latest jingles of libtardism.

    8. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The Chinks area dead civilization, a termite hill, of brainless slant eyed drones. Don’t think that they weren’t picked by accident to be Baby Kwas rattle and toy makers for nuthin”. Believe me, the Chinese will never be anything but drones, ask a Jap.

      Okay mud man Bongo makes some waves against China, very funny, do Chinese react hostile to the Kwas threats? No they keep patiently making more junk, now we have a year Halloween store that used to sell chink electonics. The Chinese like all insects are fattening up baby kwa, because chinese like female fetuses

    9. Maynard Says:

      George Carlin is my favorite comedian! He was Irish Catholic and he made fun of the Catholic Church! Such as: “They (Church) keep changing the rules! Can you imagine a guy doing eternity in Hell for eating a Beef Jerky on Friday going: I thought it was retroactive!”

    10. Albrechtsberger Says:

      That was a hoot McGreen… Carlin was funny, however did you ever notice how he used to vent his anger towards “whitey”. If he would have replaced the w word with the j or k word, he would’ve been funny and correct.

      By the way, I still think director John Carpenter’s movie “They Live” depicts exactly what is going on today. Obviously, he couldn’t use the real aliens who have taken over, but he certainly did his best. I think Lieberman and Cantor would’ve been perfectly cast as those monster invaders.

    11. mrcrouton Says:

      I don’t see much of my family since my brother married a jap without telling anyone. He showed up with the slopehead at Thanksgiving and dropped the bombshell on us after I had married and had a child. Probably a pathetic attempt at sibling rivalry. But what a loser, he could get a white woman if he tried, she might not be as stunning as my wife, but still, as long as they’re white I would accept them.
      I sensed this might be coming when my mother informed me that he was showing up with the nip. So I said I wont celebrate a holiday with a gook in the house. It’s been 5 years, and I don’t show up at my mothers. She has an open invitation to visit my house, and came over once.

      It’s a bit lonely since then, but my wife and I find things to occupy our time. Holidays are peaceful but boring. i save on gas and driving and stress.

      People have the wrong idea of family, as though you have to love your family members your whole life, so they put up with all kinds of crap and get humiliated on a regular basis just to stay together.

      In the animal kingodm, after the offspring are grown, they go off on their own.

      Why assume we have to stick around with a family that annoys you? Why play the charade?

      Better true hatred than false love.

    12. Luke Says:

      A sad tale from Mr. Crouton, but I have to say that I am firmly on his side of this issue. Whites can not hope to survive as a distinct race of people or to preserve their way of life, if they are constantly succumbing to the temptation to make exceptions to every principle that they try to live their lives by.

      When this turd dump of a once great 90 plus percent White Nation finally collapses and we get our White Ethnostate established – white families who have race mixing offenders in their ranks are going to have to have some very soul-searching decisions to make – because there will be no allowances or exceptions made that would permit residency inside the White Ethnostate for such pairings. Divided loyalties are worse than a incurable cancer tumor, and we cannot allow the same divisions to reoccur that destroyed the old America to be planted inside the new White Ethnostate.

      My respects go out to Mr. Crouton for leading by example.

    13. Nom de Guerre Says:

      There was the practice among Celtic society to have their male children adopted out to be raised by an uncle. We need to find ways to avert this sort of behaviour

    14. torrence Says:

      Popular culture got you down? Check this out; I stop in every day for a quick dose of refreshment:


    15. Anon Says:

      It’s the alternative to tradition. You can thank the Puritans and their descendents, yankees, for anti-tradition, i.e. “the American experiment”. Jews didn’t create it. They have taken advantage of it now, however, to the point that they own it.

    16. Nom de Guerre Says:

      If the kwas is temporary it sure means temporary can last forever.
      We’ve been led to believe a big lie, namely that simply bringing Europeans to the new world actually resolved religious disputes, made Whites better economically and ditto ditto dot. All good things flow from the kwanstitution, gimmee a niggerball team and a big Mac and life is weellly good. Yeah Coke is it man, no kings no queens. We never changed the equation one iota, even if we gave everybody a home in suburbia with a 3 car garage we failed the fundamental, How to make this hell into a heaven requires propaganda, and reduced consumption of all the plastic junk. Well war is coming, ready or not, and isn’t the jew timetable, we’ve seen that those shits are a mere prick in the scheme of things, it is the upheaval as the world chokes on the refuse that came these shores, and pukes it all up.

    17. Nom de Guerre Says:

      We’re up agin the ditto heads of the kwa, they want the system to survive because most of them are welfare recepients of Govt. bailouts, you disagree? Let”s get real there will be govt., and what is govt.? Carl Jung said it was only the people that knew how to manipulate the system, well thats about 99.99999% of the kwantards. The only real non govt. entities are the panhandlers on the street, they’re the real independents. Ha, Ha. Gridlock? you have no conception of the various groups in the kwa that keep things in gridlock. Herbert Hoover was right if you can’t make it on your own don’t call the wolf in to remedy the situation. Even the Pubic TV station is giving that man good publicity , yeah about 100 years too late.