11 January, 2013

All Organizations Will Be ‘Queered’ by 2025

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Or sooner. If any organization deserves to be free of politics, it’s the Boy Scouts, which has produced lots of good men over the years. Scouting is especially important today, since there are many boys who don’t have fathers around, thanks to the high divorce rate caused by feminism. (Trivia: like the feminist movement, the homosexual movement was created and steered almost entirely by Jews).


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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Unfortunately, any organization that promotes young males working and living together in isolation from the rest of society is going to attract faggots. This is true for the Boy Scouts, prisons, boarding schools, seminaries and the military. The presence of homosexuals in such environments is an unwholesome and unwelcome one. The homosexual undermines morale, social unity and individual safety. The homosexual is by nature a trouble-maker and a destabilizing influence.

      Therefore, homosexuals should never be welcome in any pro-White organization. Whatever talents they may possess would be quickly overshadowed by the chaos they create.

    2. Sergei Says:

      Good stuff VNN.

      You should remove the word “Trivia:” from the bracketed sentence. It’s not.

    3. John Q. Republic Says:

      To: Tim


      We don’t need no fags ’round heah.


    4. torrence Says:

      Well written and true.

    5. Bigduke6 Says:

      Outstanding post by Tim McGreen and how true.