15 June, 2013

They’re Always Celebrating ‘The Other’

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Here’s a curious fact that a lot of newbies may be unaware of: Western journalists – even lowly, small-town reporters – are trained to glorify “the first X” to trespass into (formerly) White male territory. For example, we often read about “the first woman” to fly an airplane, or “the first Hispanic” to become a federal judge, or “the first Black” to become a U.S. Senator. But note that Western culture was built by White men and only by White men. These “firsters” are outsiders and interlopers. Their presence on the scene is negative, not positive. Yet look how the firsters are portrayed: as heroes who accomplished wonderful things (this is also known as celebrating “The Other,” i.e., people who are not White males)[1].

[Article] and [Article].

[1] the West won’t be the West anymore once it’s filled with/run by ‘The Other’

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  7. 9 Responses to “They’re Always Celebrating ‘The Other’”

    1. Arminius Says:

      This is the right stuff to keep Americans busy with argument, admiration, NFL, female progress ad infinitum. The presstitutes will see to that.
      It’s also most useful to deflect attention from the humdrum politics of the Tel-Aviv-Washington axis busy to get country and military actively involved in the Syrian (internal) conflict just at the same moment.

      BTW, Tereshkova was never in space with “Vostok.” That was a propaganda hoax. In 1963 the Soviets did not possess rockets powerful enough to blast a man- or a woman- into orbit.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      Christianity appears to have a built-in predilection for favoring “the other” which also reinforces the Stockholm Syndrome latent in many White people.

    3. Fd Says:

      Christianity is communism in a different dress. The coloreds of any swirl were never agents in designing white government from the colonies fwd.

    4. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The local rag feature article about a “New age for the State” with Whites becoming a minority, Oh happy day! Two counties in the State receive the distinction of being the firstest to go major mud populace! The jew barf never ends.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Notice how wonderful it’s supposed to be when some stupid girl forces her way into a traditionally male job, like being a football referee? But if a man takes a traditionally female occupation like nursing or elementary school teacher he will be laughed at. “Ha-ha! Why do you want a job like that? Are you a lady, or something?”

      The Jew-liberal myth of Equality only works in one direction.

    6. Thom McQueen Says:

      CW-2, Sri Sreggin Das has written,

      “Christianity posits that God humbled Himself to become human, live among us, suffer and eventually to die for us, even for the most humble and undeserving of us. This is called ‘love,’ and Christians are called upon to emulate it.”

      “This explains the sad spectacle of missionaries devoting themselves, at great cost to their families, to the furtherance of races hostile to our own, whether in Africa or Asia. This explains the millions of dollars collected over the decades to prolong the lives, and enhance the reproductive capacties, of races hostile to our own. This explains the relocations of Somali refugees in Minnesota.”

      From “To the White Niggers of the Kali Yuga and other essays.”

    7. Sgt. Skull Says:

      White men are so yesterday. Or at least, the kikeocracy is trying to create that new reality by the unending promotion of women and non-whites in roles traditionally filled by white males.

    8. CW-2 Says:

      An apt and accurate analysis by Sri Sreggin Das.
      I don’t know if Christianity was always that way, but it has developed into a kind of suicide cult.
      Take the case of Dr Albert Schweitzer; he knew the negro wasn’t worth the effort but persisted in that African shithole wasting his life when he could have been back in France performing J S Bach to appreciative White audiences.

    9. Thom McQueen Says:

      Antaginistes told me about a book called, “The Germanization of Medieval Christianity” which says that the monks lied to the Germans that Christianity was all about family and country. It was not.

      Then he ta;ught me some advanced techniques to paint the naked female flesh. It is magic and it is real and it makes the women love themselves. That is the True Religion.

      Ant, thanks!