31 January, 2014

Writer: Should Neo-Nazis Have Free Speech?

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Oh, what chutzpah. If neo-Nazis can’t have free speech, then neither can anyone on the other end of the political spectrum, i.e., the Left (and that includes most Jews, who built the Left). Left-wing ideas are more dangerous than other political ideas, e.g., communism, which murdered 90 million people during the 20th century and oppressed even more than that, or feminism, which has ruined White women forever. In fact, allowing Jews to have free speech has nearly killed our culture.


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    1. fd Says:

      Much Ado About Nothing

      Free speech: Don’t forget to yell theatre in a crowded fire !

      Neurotic Jews want to control word usage. I never bought into Neo-Nazi or Neo-Confederate. Anybody can be a Nazi or Confederate without the ‘neo’. Is a Southern democrat a neo-democrat because he wasn’t alive before 1865.

      “… or feminism, which has ruined White women forever.” I agree with that.

    2. Stan Sikorski Says:

      I’m White. And I don’t limit my or other’s speech based on whether it “causes someone pain”, physically or mentally. The Three Ts – Truth Trumps Tolerance is my motto. And if you don’t like it too bad.

      The jews always want to control. Whether speech or the very air you breath they are ever looking to control all content so they aren’t exposed for what they really are and what they have in store for non-jews.

      My mission in life at this point is to expose them in any way I possibly can. Although not as satisfying as the final solution, it is the best any of us can do to prepare our children, family, and friends, as well as others on the verge of the discovery of the knowledge of the jew’s hatred and continuing war against Whites, that I and others of the enlightened possess.

      It is imperative that we continue to resist furiously every advance that the jews try to implement. And do it with stout, chin-foward, chest-out, fist-balled intensity as example of sureness and intelligence to those around us that would follow. BE A LEADER, not a follower. Show others the way through example, that to be White is the greatest privilege of all, that must be protected and advanced against any jew intrusion no matter the sacrifice involved.

      We WILL be victorious. It is in our genes, hearts, minds and souls. For every slip or chink in the jew’s armor we must stand ready to point it out and say, “See them! They mean to subvert and enslave us. They are a virus among humanity. Count their past transgressions and realize that they must be dealt with before they can be allowed to do us further harm.”

      People WILL listen, especially when you are armed with concrete knowledge of the jew’s slight of hand and the damage they intend to do in their own words. I have been circulating a document that I believe is quite damaging to them and exposes them to those willing to read it. Those that have gotten back to me about it speak of intense shock at having the scales lifted from their eyes, and hot anger at the fact that their whole lives have been manipulated by the jew’s slight of hand. I’m successfully winning converts with the material and preparing many to stand up to those blood-sucking parasites. Please read it when you have an opportunity – http://www.subvertednation.net/documents/basic-training-for-revolutionaries.pdf

    3. Howdy Doody Says:


      They are pushing for a confrontation. If so ? They are setting a trap for US, they did Japan who took the bait on Dec.7. 1941.

      S.C. fired on Fort Sumter April 12, 1861, they were baited and took it, before trying to out think the bastards.

      Fact is this IMO. They are going to push US harder every day, with no let up, as they are insanely driven to wipe US out.

    4. fd Says:

      The Federals always craft their wars in a manor that the other side started the confrontation. And Washington never admits defeat. Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan are miserable failures.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Communism murdered 90 million people? How did you arrive at that figure? I’m certainly no Red but let’s not engage in the same kind of hysteria, victimization and exaggeration that the Other Side routinely practices. Consider: How many millions have fallen victim to predatory Capitalism?

      By the bye, who were those guys waving their Chinese-made polyester “Nazi” flags marching in front of the Capitol? Were they extras from a movie? OK, enough with the questions already!

    6. fd Says:

      Good observation, Tim McGreen. The Nazi characters look more like cops. And the flags and flag post look brandnew. The 90 million is often 100 million.

    7. Thom McQueen Says:

      First the pussymen came for the old nazis, then they came for the neo-nazi, then they came for the naked-women airbrushers, then they came for me, etc. etc. But wait! I am a naked-woman airbrusher!

      Pussymen everywhere. It takes a real man to be a naked-woman airbrusher. This guy needs me to airbrush a pussy onto him if he does not have one already.

    8. Antagonistes Says:

      That night Tim McGreen had strange dreams.

      He dreamed he was back in college, at the literary achievement awards banquet. He was quite naive, then, and had great hopes.

      So it was that he was crushed when a kid named David Okeon beat him out in the poetry competition. Okeon went on to win the Haiku competition, the creative fiction competition, and the Black Rhetoric category. It was the Black Rhetoric composition that he was asked to perform on stage.

      After Okeon had uttered about five sentences, affecting a heavy, theatrical black accent, James Washington, the black student who was favored to win the category, got up and stumbled over people on his way out.

      “Motzo-munching muvah fukahs!” his thick black lips mouthed.

      Those people are uncivilized, McGreen thought. They don’t know how to lose gracefully. This Okeon kid is obviously a genius. He beat me in my category, but I still congratulate his achievement. He is headed for big things.

      After the awards ceremony, Hiro Matsuda, the Japanese student who was favored to win the Haiku competition, came up to Tim.

      “Well, the Tribe prevails again,” Hiro said.

      “What, what tribe?”

      “Come on, Tim! I studied Haiku in Japan since I was four. And look who beat me! Look at his last name. More importantly, look at the judges!”

      “What, what . . . ” Tim mumbled.

      “Goldstein, Liberman, Lowenstein, Belz—four of the five judges are members of the Tribe!”

      “What tribe?” Tim said, baffled.


      It was then in the dream that Tim noticed that Thom McQueen was standing there with a brown paper grocery sack with something in it.

      “All our problems are ended, lads!” Thom said. He pulled a severed head out of the sack. It was the head of Jesus Christ.

      Horribly, the head came to life. “The moon shall become blood, earthquakes, war, famines, eternal damnation!” it shouted.

      “Aw, shuddup, or I will kill you again,” McQueen said.

      Tim woke up from his dream, shaken.

      On the other side of town, Schlomo noticed that his wife had come to bed naked.

      “We have not done it in a long time, Schlomo,” she said.

      “I’ve told you again and again, I am a spiritual being, not to be polluted by women anymore,” Schlomo said.

      But he was secretly thinking about Tim McGreen.

    9. Thom McQueen Says:

      Ant, your pen is hot HOT! Your psychologoical insights are marvelous.

    10. Antagonistes Says:

      As always, thanks, Thom.

      I feel that these vignettes are being dictated to me by some spiritual agency.

      Have a good day, my friend.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      Neo-Nazis should have free speech; McQueer/Fagonistes should not.