29 April, 2014

Defending the Now-Banned-from-the-NBA L.A. Clippers Owner Sterling

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I think someone needs to point out a couple of things, re: the Donald Sterling racism controversy and the media coverage surrounding it, so I’ll do it; even though Sterling’s a Jew, there are bigger issues here:

1. In America, we have free speech, or at least, we’re supposed to have it.

2. Sterling’s comments about Blacks were apparently private and were not intended for any ears other than those of the person they were directed to. How can Sterling be banned from the NBA over a private conversation?

3. Look at how quickly Sterling was punished by the NBA[1]. It’s as if the NBA wanted to send a loud and public message that anyone else in pro sports who might think of doing such a thing as expressing an un-PC thought about race will be taken to the woodshed within mere days.

[1] NBA commissioner Adam Silver is also a Jew

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  7. 18 Responses to “Defending the Now-Banned-from-the-NBA L.A. Clippers Owner Sterling”

    1. fd Says:

      This is all wonderful news. The hypocrisy of racism has come full circle. Jews and Negroes are now waging war against each other. The American system has painted itself in a corner. Let the games begin.

    2. John A Says:

      I’m waiting for some enterprising hacker/bugger to record the private conversations or e-mail exchanges between Jewish NBA owners about the “goyem” or the “schwartza.”

      It would be interesting to see that play out.

    3. Socrates Says:

      Good comments about the Sterling drama here:


    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      This whole thing is absurd. The old Jew is in trouble because his slope girlfriend recorded their private conversation and sold it to TMZ? Someone should record the private conversations those coons in the locker room are having with each other….”Dat Puerto Rican bitch last night at de club she ugly but she give good bjs know whut I’m sayin?” “Dem White folks is all fukked up, day’s all scared of us niggas” “You see dat little Chinese guy? He be all like ‘ah-so’ dis and ‘ah-so’ dat, wit his slanty little eyes an’ shit!”

    5. fd Says:

      This is nigger/jew comedy ! What would these people do without the Anglo/Saxon/Celtic civilization that props them up ?

      I just noticed that jews control spell-check. When I spell jew with a small ‘j’ spell-check red lines it. When I spell negro with a small ‘n’ spell-check does nothing.

      So i hope all you cabbagehead niggers out there tell the jews that spell-check is racist.

    6. fd Says:

      Linder’s VNN is–sharp as a tack and twice as flat. We’re too cool for the jew school. The federals and jews are going to shut us down for being too good !

    7. Mark Says:

      Notice that the Jewish media never mentions two facts about the secretly recorded conversation between Donald Sterling and V. Stiviano:

      1. Fact: The anti-Israel statements made by Sterling in the conversation, i.e., “It’s the world. You go to Israel, the blacks are just treated like dogs.” See http://www.cnn.com/2014/04/29/opinion/washington-sterling-black-jews.

      2. Fact: That V. Stiviano’s secretly recorded a private conversation without Donald Sterling’s consent – a crime in California where all parties must consent to the recording. See http://www.shouselaw.com/eavesdropping.html.

    8. Mark Says:

      Correction: The MSM mentioned the “blacks are just treated like dogs” statement made by Sterling, but I’ve yet to hear the same MSM PLAY the statement and certainly not ad nauseam like Sterling’s anti-Black statements!

    9. fd Says:

      A wealthy Jew makes racist statements about Negroes and the SPLC is quiet. Where is Mark Potok?

      The hypocrisy in this country is one tidal wave after another.

    10. Luke Says:

      I wouldn’t jump to any early conclusions about this incident.

      As we all know, the jewish ADL and SPLC have been working very hard for well over 3, maybe even 4 or more decades, to try to find some way that they can abolish the First Amendment and enact the same kinds of anti-free speech, ‘hate speech’ laws here in America like they’ve managed to impose on over 15 or more other White European nations. So far, their efforts have been repeatedly stymied by stubborn rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court – who, at least up until now – have shot down any ADL efforts to abolish the First Amendment and appoint themselves as the new Soviet-style arbiters of what kinds of speech will be approved and which kinds will be criminalized. A number of these rulings have been very close, and some were 5-4 decisions in favor of the 1st Amendment.

      Ideally, and it is only a matter of time – judging by the way the Democrats and the GOP constantly try to out-fellate each other by nominating jews to the Supreme Court, the court will get one or two more jews or a jew and another anti-White minority on it and then, they can get down to business with regards to abolishing the First Amendment.

      However, I have the sense that these totalitarian bastards are getting impatient and maybe even a little desperate, perhaps because of their realization that millions of Whites are beginning to finally wake up to the genocidal war that the jews are waging on them-and based on the comments that we all see being posted on even mainstream news websites, where Whites are starting to speak out about race issues, and in many cases, even naming the jew as being the source of 99% of this ‘hate Whitey’ propaganda that permeates the mainstream media. They are panicking, I think, and are desperate to find a way to shut down these voices.

      This brings me to this Sterling jew and all the hysterical fuss that the jews are making about his private conversations that had racial overtones to them. I’m smelling a possible rope-a-dope on this one. Sterlling could be playing a role, agreeing to be the designated straw man that the anti-Free Speech jews at the ADL and in the media can then play off of, and use as ammunition to try to finally coerce the rats in Congress to pass their First Amendment abolishing “hate speech” legislation. Within a matter of a few short days, after the suspicious, alleged Glenn Miller shooting incident – some Senator who’s name I cannot recall had already dusted off a new ADL written ‘Hate Speech’ bill and was using the Miller incident to try to put some impetus behind it.

      I would not put it past these jews to recruit one of their own, stage an incident like this (false flags 101), and then hand the baton to their jew media pals with orders to start screaming that its time to ‘criminalize hate’ and make any speech that the jews don’t like illegal.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      I suspect that the Jews who run the NBA (Nigger Ball Association) wanted to get rid of Sterling, because his team was under-performing and not generating enough revenue. So they paid Sterling’s gold-digging slope girlfriend to provoke the old Jew into making some “offensive” statements which could be recorded and then used as an excuse to get rid of him. But don’t worry, he will be replaced by another Jew, one who knows how to turn the Clippers around and start making them profitable for his fellow Jews.

      Imagine the Jews exploiting Blacks for profit….Unthinkable, but true!

    12. Robert Cardillo Says:

      Actually Tim, his girlfriend is a black-mestizo, botoxed ugly gold-digging slag.

    13. Vive_Caucasia Says:

      Why are Jews Crucifying NBA Jew Donald Sterling?

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      Good stuff, Vive, damn good stuff!

      Mr. Cardillo, you’re right about that skank being a mixed-breed mestizo, not a slope. She’s had so much botox, collagen and plastic surgery that I couldn’t figure out what the origins of that creature were. Ick. She probably balled “Magic” Johnson, too, even though that chimp has AIDS. But the old Jew Sterling doesn’t care?

      Ugh….this story is so sordid and unpleasant that I feel like I need a good de-lousing.

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      But you know, this whole make-believe scandal would never have even taken place if it weren’t for the fact that there are literally millions of STUPID-ASS White sports fans forking over billions of dollars and endless hours of their lives to watch niggerball games. The blame really lies with them, not with the Jews or the Blacks. We could be free of all this Jew and Black garbage tomorrow if millions of Whites would just wake themselves up from the trance they have willingly allowed themselves to be placed under. What is it about the White sports fan and his obsession with watching large, sweaty Negroes throwing a ball back and forth?

    16. fd Says:

      The Sterling, Negro story is just another Jewish soap opera. It’s a field day for the Jew media mongrel. These people only produce news that generates wealth.

    17. Mark Says:

      Why did the Jewish media sacrifice one of their own to promote the hackneyed “all whites are racists” screed? Could this entire scandal be motivated by Sterling’s anti-Israel comments and Sterling’s anti-Black statements were only mentioned to garner public appeal/support?

      I suspect that the conversation went something like the following:

      Jew 1: “Did you hear brother Sterling’s grotesque remarks about Israel?”

      Jew 2: “Oy! Imagine the noive! To accuse our beloved Israel of racism! We don’t treat blacks like dogs in Israel. We pay African nations good money to take their blacks back!”

      Jew 1: “We got to do something! Let’s make an example of ex-brother Sterling!”

      Jew 2: “Yeah. But how do we keep a lid on Israel’s treatment of blacks? The Goy may consider our good money in exchange for deportation obscene.”

      Jew 1: “Let’s go with the anti-black comments!”

      Jew 2: “Oy! That may woik!”

    18. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Sterling’s nig-spic doxy is a total skank. But even she is probably a step up from most jewish hags. There’s been many theories floating around but I believe there was a possible blackmail motive to get Sterling to sell the team at a fire sale price to nig nogs as a first step in niggerizing front offices of the NBA.

      This incident proves that Obongo’s kwa has never been more jewed and more out of control than now.