3 August, 2014

When Did Jews Become White?

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A “White” Orthodox Jew is charged with a “hate crime.” How ironic: it was Jews who gave the West “hate crime” laws. Those laws are based on a Soviet law from 1918 that, ironically again, protected Jews from “hate.” Jews are not genetically White.


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    1. fd Says:

      This is another news story where Jews have an opportunity to promote themselves as White. The entire Seinfeld cast claimed to be White by slipping it in their lines/dialogue. Run a dna test on the Jew crew and count the Asiatic/Semitic dna markers.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Jews will claim to be White only when it’s to their advantage. The rest of the time they apparently consider themselves to be Semites, since they’re forever whining about Anti-Semitism®.

      Ha-ha, not even a Jew hiding out in “Israel” is automatically safe from extradition to the US. Good to know.

    3. Mary O Says:

      Jews are in fact Caucasian, but not Aryan.

      I like the term “Aryan” a lot better. The Jews have made our own word for ourselves taboo.

    4. Sean Gruber Says:

      Good point about the term “Aryan.” The jew will call itself white when necessary…but good luck with trying to get a jew to call itself “Aryan.” Without a pained grimace on its face, anyway.

      Unfortunately, lots of Whites would have the same grimace, for a different reason: guilt and fear, “fear of the jews.”

      Therapy suggestion: Look in the mirror. Say, “I’m an Aryan” three times. Start in a whisper and gradually raise your voice to a level you’re comfortable with. Do this every day until you no longer feel frightened by the word.

      Start thinking in terms of “I’m an Aryan.” You see a jew. Think: “I’m an Aryan. He’s a jew.” No, don’t dress in jackboots, just accept the fact that just the way you are, you’re an Aryan.

      Anyone can bleach his skin and call himself technically white. What they can’t do is be Aryan. Aryan is more than skin deep.

      ARYAN. Embrace it.

    5. fd Says:

      No way Jews are Caucasian. They’re Asiatic mongrels born out of the racial cauldron of the Middle East. Caucasians migrated from the footsteps of the Caucasus mountains to Europe and Asia. The latter was submerged into the racial cauldron.

    6. CW-2 Says:

      Some jews have fair hair and blue eyes indicating during their travels they have ‘captured’ some White racial genes, but those outward appearances do not mean they are of the White race. Their genotype is 90% ‘Levantine’ and their mental attitude profoundly alien.

    7. Mary O Says:

      Recent media articles have stated that Neanderthal man had red hair, light skin and green eyes. Also, another research finding appearing in the popular media is that Jews have higher levels of Neanderthal genes than other groups. Also, all Whites have Neanderthal genes. So the Jews didn’t necessarily “capture” White traits.

      One might question though exactly how genes are quantified however; perhaps certain genes carry more weight than others insofar as determining the “identity” of a living organism. Number of genes is probably less significant than specifically which exact genes are inherited. We don’t know what genes give us our sense of identity.

      Caucasoid just means originating in the Caucasus mountains, and Jews definitely lived in that area going back millennia. They built Khazaria on the Caspian Sea, to the north of the Caucasus.


      Jews also have an Asian aspect to their culture. The Eurasian steppes were populated by both Aryan and Asian migratory tribes for thousands of years. Also, the Khazars did a lot of Silk Route trade.

      Aryans had an ancient civilization on the Indus River (beginning about 3000 BC). We may also have had another subsequent ancient civilization in the Crimea which long predated medieval Khazaria.

      Of course, none of these findings are conclusive; but one might speculate that Aryans inherit identity from Cro-Magnon; while Jews may inherit identity from Neanderthal.

      On the other hand, one might even leave science out of the explanation, and attribute the separate Jewish identity to later historical developments such as the cultural impact of trade on the Silk Route, and the humiliating and total destruction of the their once powerful nation by the Viking Rus.

    8. fd Says:

      Jews are mongoloid. If a Jew has white DNA markers, it would be from race mixing with a white person.

      Mediterranean literally means old European. White Meds built magnificent civilizations long before Aryan tribes arrived in Europe. Offsping from the intermarriage of the two white subgroups is Alpine Caucasian, the 3d white subgroup.

    9. Mary O Says:


      Please describe how you believe the Jews appeared before they race-mixed to get White DNA.

      Also, Mediterranean means “the middle of the earth.” [“medi” middle + “terre” earth].

      Cro-Magnon encircled the entire Mediterranean.

      You bring up an interesting and very important point regarding the role of the Med civilization, and Aryan identity.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      We should not insult our extinct Neanderthal friends by comparing them with Jews. Neanderthals had nothing to do with Jews. Neanderthals lived in and around the Mediterranean for several hundred thousand years, hunting woolly mammoths and bison, until our early White Cro-Magnon ancestors showed up around 50,000 years ago from the Caucuses. After about 15 thousand years the Neanderthals could not compete so they went out of business, leaving no descendants.

      Jews are an Afro-Asiatic hybrid, perhaps the descendants of goat-herders from North Africa who migrated with their mangy flocks into the Near East around 5 to 7 thousand years ago. Unlike Neanderthals they have no hunting skills, they could never have survived in brutal Ice-Age conditions. Besides, Neanderthals were probably very different genetically from early modern humans, so much so that breeding between those two species of human primate was not possible. Or even desirable.

    11. fd Says:

      Mary O, Jews are Asiatic at root (Mongoloid). Like all the teeming tribes in the Middle East, they were submerged into the racial cauldron of that section of Asia.

      Yes, Cro-Magnon man was all over Europe at the same time White Meds were building civilizations equal to and superior to anything found in the Middle East. The two white subgroups intermarried to some degree. When the battle axe people arrived in Europe, (Aryans of the Caucasus footsteps) they too intermarried with Cro-Magnon and White Meds to some degree also.

      The scientific definition of Mediterranean doesn’t negate that historically Mediterranean literally translates to ‘old European’

      This IPad is a drag. I’ll finish later on a better computer.