7 September, 2014

UK: Children Sexually Abused, Brown Abusers Weren’t ID’d for Fear of “Racism” Accusations

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Political correctness doomed investigations into the sex crimes. By the way, thanks to Jews, racism is a crime in England – hence the fears about identifying the Brown abusers [1].


[1] England has “racism police,” which are officially and euphemistically called “Community Safety Units.” According to their website, “CSUs will investigate incidents of the following: …Homophobia, Transphobia, Racism…”

  • 12 Responses to “UK: Children Sexually Abused, Brown Abusers Weren’t ID’d for Fear of “Racism” Accusations”

    1. Honkey Tonk Man Says:

      …1400 mostly white girls (12-14years old) raped and pimped out by black and brown muslin savages. Those girls where forced to suck brown and black cock and take it up the ass.
      ..1400 mostly white girls ruined because of the JEW and his bum-boy traitor politicians.
      …1400 mostly white girls who had nobody to look out for them because Whitey won’t kill to protect his women.
      …your losing badly white man and the only way to get it back is to KILL.
      …want to send a message to the muslin savages who have invaded your country…?
      ..start cutting off heads, start slitting throats, start cutting off cocks, start hanging the cunts with piano wire,…….. start burning the fuckers alive.
      .. Make videos and put them up on youtube.
      Do not limit your attacks to just muslins. Go after the JEW, the white traitor, politicians, the media whores…..anybody that is hurting the white race is a tarket… Be extra brutal.
      ..any political party that stands up for the white race is going to need a para military to ensure their safety and to send a message to the enemy.” If you fuck with our political party you will have to deal with very brutal and very pissed off white para-military units”
      the UKIP…will do jack shit to protect whites in England. They have no para-military which means their going to suck JEW and MUSLIN COCK.
      …no white para military …no power!
      ! You only have power when your enemy fears you…!
      1400 mostly white girls pimped out and raped….and still no response from white Britians. .. WTF !!!


    2. Phillip Says:

      In a decent world, the jews and high-level politicians who are politically responsible for this outcome would be hanged after extensive torture.

    3. CW-2 Says:

      For a long time Britain has been riddled with race traitor politicians, many were also secret fags and part jew. The biggest recent traitor was Prime Minister (call me Tony) Blair, he and his jews really hated the White working class. We live in hope of seeing his head on the end of a stick.

    4. Robert Cardillo Says:

      Spot on Mates. I have always thought that Blair and the rest of these sods were worthless. Anyone remember the Downing Street memos. A worthless bunch of cunts the lot of them.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      I don’t know much about this story but it sounds like the latest manifestation of a very old social problem, viz., the problem of “throw-away kids”. Abused, unwanted, neglected, mentally ill children from orphanages, foster homes, juvenile detention facilities, the streets, etc. being preyed upon by the lowest criminal elements in society. I’m sure the same thing was going on in England during Victorian times, the same thing goes on right now here in the USSA.

      The difference is that there are some White people who really do care about the welfare of those exploited throw-aways, whereas most non-Whites, like the wogs, gypsies, Chinks and Jews, couldn’t care less. Human suffering means nothing to them, never mind the suffering of animals. Whitey is always the one who sends doctors and aid-workers to the Turd World during times of crisis, they are the ones who donate billions to charities every year. Yet the White British public remains largely silent about this story. A case of “compassion fatigue”, perhaps?

    6. archer Says:

      Honkey tonk is right, they don’t seem to fear the brits or their judicial system, everyone fears a good beating.

    7. CW-2 Says:

      The fact is for centuries White working people of Britain have been abused, starved, worked to death and used as sex slaves by a totally corrupt and part-jew ruling elite. Pakis and blacks know young White girls are easy meat and nothing will happen if they get caught. Instinctively they know it’s war on whitey and they are doing their appointed job to kill us off.
      It is now slowly dawning on ordinary White folks that their ‘leaders’ in politics, business, and the churches are their enemies. The states in which we reside are morally bankrupt and we owe them absolutely no allegiance.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      You’re right, CW, our allegiance should be to our families, our Race and to the truth, not to a Jew-controlled police state or its national rag flapping in the breeze. Having said that I still have a fondness for the old Stars and Bars Rebel flag, the WWI Imperial German flag and the 3rd Reich battle-flag.

    9. fd Says:

      It wasn’t too long ago that the great English writer Charles Dickens used his polished pen to expose social injustices. “Oliver Twist” highlighted the cruel treatment of orphans in London.

      The debauchery of kids in modern day England is a different “Twist” from the Dickens/Victorian era.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      Naturally the arch-villain who preys on street children in Oliver Twist is an ugly old Jew named Fagin.

    11. Sean Gruber Says:

      “Naturally the arch-villain who preys on street children in [Dickens’] Oliver Twist is an ugly old Jew named Fagin.”

      Which explains why the jewish predators who took over the modern West smear Dickens as an “antisemite.”


      Everything is about jews. Just ask them.

      (Imagine the possibilities for a novelist with courage today. He could write a 21st century update to Oliver Twist. Fagin redux and how, with plenty of Muslim heavies. The fact that such a masterpiece can never get published now is another demonstration that jewish control of our culture must be ended, and by the only effective means: killing the jews. Exterminating all of them, and every one of their brown enforcers as well.)

    12. fd Says:

      Neurotic Jews tried to ban “Oliver Twist” because the oily character Fagin was portrayed as a Jew.

      Actors who portrayed Jews in Shakespearean plays of the Elizabethan era wore bright red wigs and big noses. A forerunner to the Yellow Star badge in real life.