9 November, 2014

Defending Your Ideology: What You Should Be Able To Do As a White Nationalist

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A few days ago, while watching TV, I saw a conservative activist tear a liberal to shreds (verbally speaking) in about 30 seconds. It was very funny. He tossed out names, dates, and facts which he had obviously memorized in great detail. Let us learn from that.

Many WNs cannot effectively defend themselves in arguments against Jews and leftists. They know generalities, yes, but not details.

Here’s a short tutorial that you may want to memorize, or, you can build your own, or, add to this:

— The United States of America was founded as a White, Western country by White men, who largely didn’t steal it from the Indians. Due to the rather small number of Indians per square mile in America circa 1600, most land wasn’t “Indian land,” and also, most of the Indian tribes in America were somewhat nomadic, i.e., they wandered from summer to winter camps and therefore didn’t “own” land per se. (Admittedly, a few Indian tribes weren’t nomadic).

— America was not intended to be a multicultural country, as proven by the words and actions of our forefathers, e.g., Thomas Jefferson, who wrote that Blacks and Whites “cannot live in the same government.”

— Jews have a very long history of subversion and nation-wrecking, dating back to before the Roman era, giving White people good reason to oppose Jews.

— Western culture is just that: Western. It isn’t Black, Brown, Jewish, or Asian. Therefore, non-Whites don’t belong in the White countries.

— The average Black has an IQ that is 15 points (i.e., one standard deviation) lower than a White’s.

— Whites didn’t “steal” the Southwestern states from Mexico. We fought a war with Mexico in 1846 and won it, thereby gaining the Southwestern states (whether that war was “right” or “wrong” is, today, a moot point). As an act of kindness, we even compensated Mexico for its war losses by paying the Mexican government $15 million dollars – a huge sum of money in 1848.

— Western culture is far superior to any other culture: who gave the world the telephone, the phonograph, television, the refrigerator, the airplane, the automobile, the camera, and “most important of all,” democracy?

— Hitler didn’t start his “war with the Jews.” The Jews started it. World Jewry declared economic and political “war” on Germany as soon as Hitler took office in 1933. In fact, Hitler was very slow to crack down on the Jews, waiting five years to create harsh anti-Jewish laws in Oct. 1938. (If Hitler was such a nasty fellow, why did he wait so long to oppress Jews?).

— Hitler didn’t want war with America, but Roosevelt wanted war with Hitler. In fact, Roosevelt’s “shoot (German ships) on sight” order, given to U.S. ships on Sept. 11, 1941, was a de facto declaration of war on Germany. Roosevelt literally started the war with Germany.

— The Japanese attack on America in Dec. 1941 was not a surprise to the Roosevelt administration. It knew that Japan would attack America – in fact, it was counting on it, as a way for America to enter WWII and help England. Furthermore, the U.S. “Flying Tigers” air squadron began training to attack Japanese troops in Burma and China in Spring 1941, long before the Japanese attacked America in December. In other words, America was going to attack first, only Japan beat us to the punch.

— Jews within and around the Roosevelt administration created World War II. They pressured Roosevelt to pressure England to make Poland a “line in the sand which Hitler couldn’t cross.” (I call those Jews “the Horsejews of the Apocalypse”).

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    1. Mary O Says:

      I don’t watch much TV, but once in a while I will catch part of a news show. Very recently, Hannity did a segment on immigration. The classic false dichotomy was presented. The main talker stated that Americans oppose immigration because we see ALL immigrants as VIOLENT TERRORISTS.

      Is there not a major difference between a terrorist and just a plain criminal?

      The immigrants whom I frequently call the police about live on the next block. This particular block is situated into a hillside, which inclines upward from my street, and the particular house they live is embedded in the middle of the block.

      Surrounded by trees, the house was once a pleasant place, very private, but conveniently located in a nice middle-class neighborhood.

      Now the immigrants blast Spanish-language music from the back porch which is not easily visible from the street in any direction. Since the home is at a higher elevation than my street, the acoustics are amplified.

      Plus, many of the middle-class families in my area were trying to save money this summer by turning off the air-conditioning, but leaving windows open at night instead.

      On one occasion, the men had some girl who is likely an underage teen dancing on this porch, apparently in her underwear, while the group of men were yelling Spanish obscenities at her (like “punta.”)

      Frustrated some neighbor (a woman) yelled at them to be quiet. For the next hour, the drunken group shined a super-bright flashlight in the direction of one particular house, yelling “Show your face, beech!”

      This house was dark, and the residents were probably not home.

      The police, fearful of violating the civil rights of this group, will basically not do anything, even at 3:30 AM!

      Remember this town is a nice quiet middle-class town. Several houses in which apparently 4 or 5 immigrant families are living are scattered about the area.

      A working couple will apply for the mortgage on the house, as if they themselves were planning to live there, and then seek out illegal aliens to move in, and charge them $400/month EACH.

      If you see any handwritten advertisement for “cuarto” on a community bulletin board, please rip it down. This type of renting is illegal.

      Also, there are immigrants whom I do not esp. suspect of criminal activity, but who are clearly living as dependents of the state, which drives my taxes higher.

      The main reason I oppose immigration, however, is that I do not want to end up a helpless old women, too terrified to take a walk around my own block.

      So it’s not just facts, but principles of logic which will assist in defeating the left. False dichotomy is a media favorite, and perhaps resonates due to the entertainment value of sarcastic humor:

      “Like, dummy, little Luisa is not a terrorist. haw-haw.”

    2. Mary O Says:

      Another media tactic is stone-walling: “Immigration is good for the economy.”

      They will just keep repeating it over and over, never citing any examples, or rationale.

    3. Thom McQueen Says:

      Socratee, who was this “conservative activist”? Does he or she want to be airbrushed?

    4. Thom McQueen Says:

      If you can give me a link, and i see them in action, I might give them a free airbrushing. But they must come to me on their own dime.

      And I can give them a good tan, with my airbrush. It is not all weird designs and malarkey.

    5. Tim Says:

      As a practical matter, who ever defends the land owns and controls it. That said, Asiatic Indians (Mexicans) WERE NOT here first. Solutreans, originating in France were in the Americas 19-26 thousand years ago. Add that to your argument(s)


    6. Howdy Doody Says:


      The Gadsden Purchase details.

      http://www.progress.org/tpr/gadsden-purchase-james-gadsden/ MAP

      There were NOT filthy messytizo’s living that purchase. The Messycan’s owned it via a piece of paper from the King Of Spain. The messycan’s had no infrastructure or savages of messyco living their.

      In fact until the messyco revolution bs where General Pershing did go down there messytizos crossing the border was TINY, and done at border crossings on the ROAD, as the desert was very DANGEROUS.

      The point being the number of beaners crossing was recorded,and until the Messycan revolt with over 350,000 killed beaners were a tiny number.

      Though in 1913 the started entering the US in droves.

    7. fd Says:

      Racism isn’t rocket science. Natural Selection decides who stays and who goes.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      I think the best course of action is to simply avoid arguing with Jews and Social Marxists in the first place. They are not people who argue because they want to get at the truth of something, they are liars and deceivers who are simply trying to get their opponents to shut up. And they can usually accomplish that through name-calling, tantrums and hysterics. Getting bogged down in arguments with the enemy only makes you look weak and defensive. Did you ever see any footage of Stalin or Hitler arguing with their opponents? The mindless mob cannot be appealed to through reason, only through the use of blunt force.

    9. CW-2 Says:

      Winning an argument by facts and logic increases out profile and is the best type of sales pitch we can make. The whole object is to verbally and morally defeat our opponents, and by doing so hugely increase our credibility in the eyes of average Whites.
      We should not make the mistake of thinking we can by our arguments ‘convert’ leftists and jews to a more moderate position, that is practically impossible and undesirable. Our verbally combative skills need to polarize, force the jew into a corner and then expose and demolish their arguments.
      Of course it goes without saying that in any discussion we must never use the terms of reference and key phrases the enemy uses to misdirect our attention.

    10. fd Says:

      Arguing about race is a waste of time. It’s a step down. Our enemies love winless arguments.

      Presenting the facts is good. Beyond that, it’s a cold war.

    11. Antagonistes Says:

      Actually, according to the Toland bio of Hitler, the young artist did indeed argue with Jews, winning most, perhaps all, of the time.

      But he said that the next day the Jews would start all over again, as if nothing had happened. So he gave up on that tactic.

    12. fd Says:

      Tim McGreen wrote: “Did you ever see any footage of Stalin or Hitler arguing with their opponents?”

      Strong leaders care nothing of popular democracy. Stalin and Hitler had a disdain for approval. The latter stated the facts and moved forward.

    13. Tim Says:

      And when a third worlder or Jews tell you that it was the white man who brought African slaves to the Americas inform them it was JEWS who DOMINATED the African Triangular Slave Trade

      “Dr. Tony Martin – The Jewish Role in the African Slave Trade”

      “The Jewish involvement in the African Slave trade”
      Jewish Media Smeared Louis Farrakhan In His Own Words

      “Jewish Involvement In Black Slave Trade To The Americas”
      By Rabbi Marc Lee Raphael

      Jews were so influential in those colonies that slave auctions scheduled to take place on Jewish holidays often were postponed, according to Marc Lee Raphael, a professor of Judaic studies at the College of William & Mary

      Transatlantic “JEWISH” Slave Ship Owners

      Ship name Elizabeth – Owners Mordecai and David Gomez – “Jews”
      Ship name Antigua – Owners Nathan Marston and Abram Lyell – “Jews”
      Ship name Betsy – Owner Wm. De Woolf – “Jew”
      Ship name Polly – Owner James De Woolf – “Jew”
      Ship name White Horse – Owner Jan de Sweevts – “Jew”
      Ship name Expedition – Owners John and Jacob Roosevelt – “Jews”
      Ship name Abigail – Owners Aaron Lopez, Moses Levy, Jacob Franks – “Jews”
      Ship name Crown – Owners Issac Levy and Nathan Simpson – “Jews”
      Ship name Nassau – Owner Moses Levy – “Jew”
      Ship name Four Sisters – Owner Moses Levy – “Jew”
      Ship name Anne & Eliza – Owners Justus Bosch and John Abrams – “Jews”
      Ship name Prudent Betty – Owners Henry Cruger and Jacob Phoenix – “Jews”
      Ship name Hester – Owners Mordecai and David Gomez – “Jews”

    14. torrence Says:

      Nice thread here – of educational and tactical benefit to readers. Facts are always welcome but equally so are pointers on how to use and present them. Should be a weekly regular, Socrates.

    15. fd Says:

      Off topic:

      Emasculating the poor White man and the rich White man by divorce.

      Oklahoma billionaire Harold Hamm has been ordered by a judge to pay his wife 995 million dollars in a divorce settlement. Mr. Hamm owned all the property in his business before the marriage. The trial continues. It’s popular for White women to rake White men over the coals. The Jew loves it.


    16. Tim McGreen Says:

      fd, your post above reinforces our earlier argument that marriage based on “love” is foolish and often ends in divorce court. Sometimes it even ends in a homicide featured on Dateline NBC! This oil tycoon is looking at the very unwelcome prospect of being forced to pay almost $1 billion in alimony. But think of all the high-class, high-quality trim he could have rented out with that kind of dough! There are plenty of attractive aspiring actresses, models, airline stewardesses, swinging housewives and co-eds who would be more than happy to “go out on a date” with wealthy old fools like Mr. Hamm…for a considerable fee, of course. But instead of doing that Hamm is going to spend a billion dollars to get rid of one old slag. Not a good investment.

    17. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Jews have dominated the international slave trade since ancient times, but the Arabs are also actively involved in it too, especially in the buying and selling of sub-Saharan Negroes. Liberals need to face the facts (liberals would rather be flayed alive than admit they were wrong about anything)………Negroes are a failed race, one that is fit only for servitude. Hell, they even enslave each other!

      If you must argue with Jews and lefties don’t play the game on their terms. Don’t ever say things like “I’m not a racist, but……….”, or “I don’t deny that millions of Jews suffered because of Hitler and the Nazis, but……” Just come right out and say what’s on your mind! If you want to use words like nigger and kike then do so! If you don’t think the Jews suffered nearly enough under Hitler and the Nazis then say it! Don’t pull any punches, let the enemy know exactly where you stand. Most likely he’ll be left too speechless to respond coherently.

    18. fd Says:

      Off topic again

      Oklahoma oil man, Mr. Hamm has learned a valuable lesson: Sign on to the criminal marriage/divorce industry and expect the worst.

      Organized marriage dogma: marriage license, diamond ring, big wedding, eternal love, big divorce, embarrassment in society, notoriety.

      None of the above exists in the virtue of natural cohabitation. Food, clothes, shelter, reproduction.