12 December, 2014

Cultural Marxism and Hyper-Sexualism in the Public Schools

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(Above: Jewish communist Georg Lukacs)

Isn’t it ironic: what the communist Georg Lukacs started in Hungary in 1919 (Cultural Marxism) is now found in all of the capitalist countries. In other words, communism didn’t really die. It just changed form and migrated. It’s alive and well, just down the street, posing as “education” [1].


[1] economic Marxism has mostly died off, while cultural Marxism has spread like a wildfire. Cultural Marxism is also called “political correctness.” Whatever you call it, it’s Jewish, starting in the early Soviet era and moving through the Frankfurt School in the 1930s and continuing through the 1960s with Herbert Marcuse, and moving to Emanuel Celler, who put Cultural Marxism into the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Jews ruined America with Cultural Marxism, plain and simple

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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      In impoverished countries like Afghanistan and Palestine the kids are being taught serious subjects like math and science in the bombed-out ruins of buildings. There’s no bullshit about Genderbread People or multicultural sensitivity. Compare their situation to what’s going on over here in many White suburban schools. We ought to be ashamed of ourselves.

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      Yes, but what is the LEVER with which cultural Marxism moves so many stones?

      Obviously, the lever was already there. They found it, and they are using it with effective force.

      But WHAT is this lever?

      Is it something endemic to the human consciousness?

      To White consciousness, only?

      Is cultural Marxism simply coasting on the fumes of a spent Christianity?

      For that matter, what was the lever that Christianity found, and is cultural Marxism using that same lever?

      We must answer these questions, in order to defeat it!

    3. Antagonistes Says:

      Tim might have hit that nail on the head.

      It is a masculine culture which demands that kids learn math, proper grammar, physical fitness, history, etc., and rightly so.

      It is a feminine culture which is obsessed with “feelings.”

      As an artist, I feel somewhat awkward in saying this: The masculine must come first, and must rule. The feminine (which includes art, literature and music) is just the icing on the cake.

      All those who want to be artists must undergo a grueling initiation; few there be that can pass it. It requires a very masculine spirit to undergo the travails of an artist. Which is strange: A masculine spirit to undergo severe trials in order to produce artistic works which fall into the realm of the feminine.

      To be an artist, a creative, one must undergo a testing of severe duress. It is the feminine spirit that says that ALL can pass it. The feminine spirit says that, yes, that is a wonderful piece of music. That is an intriguing painting, when all the time it is pure crap.

      This acclamation of all artistic drivilings is a negation of real art.

      The feminine spirit MUST be made subservient to the masculine spirit. In that way, only, will art (and culture) survive.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Look at these puny little nebbishy Jews, your 9 year old daughter could kick them in the ass. And yet they were responsible for so much death and suffering among our people in the years right after WWI.

    5. CW-2 Says:

      Ant, the lever is hyper-idealism and extended altruism. Two attributes only Europeans possess in pathological amounts.

    6. CW-2 Says:

      I’m not sure we can even blame Christianity for the present mess, but rather the sludgy amalgam ‘chris-lam-hin-buddhism’ which the elites are tentatively promoting as a ‘world religion’. Exactly as predicted in Ward Kendall’s novel, ‘Hold Back This Day’.

    7. Johnny Paytoilet Says:

      Modern education is nothing but a multi billion dollar racket. As a matter of fact it’s more about indoctrination than anything else. This emphasis on multi-culturalism, sensitivity and moral relativism is pure bullshit. No wonder civilization is in decay and on the verge of collapse. At least classical education had a defined and specific purpose. That is, prepare young people for their chosen path in life. The ability to read, write and compute in a highly disciplined enviroment was a much needed necessity regardless of what direction one took. That’s all changed since the school’s ultimate purpsoe now is to install social change which has been very detrimental to both individuals and systems alike.

    8. fd Says:

      Marxism, Judaism, Christianity, communism, democracy–it’s all the same s**t. Beginning in the 1860s when Marx praised Lincoln in a letter for racial equality– thru the 1940s when American banks financed the communist revolution and finally allied with communist Russia in WW2, this country has done more to preserve and maintain communism/Marxism than any people anywhere.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      I agree with you, fd, the USA has indeed done more to protect and promote Marxism than anyone else. The Allied Expeditionary Force into Russia following WWI, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Cold War…..none of those efforts were actually meant to defeat Red forces anywhere. And yes, I think JFK was soft on the Reds, based on his lack of support for the Bay of Pigs invasion. The same goes for Secretary of State George Marshall vis-a-vis Red China.

      There were only two prominent American officials who were really dedicated to fighting the Red Menace and they were Senator Joe McCarthy and General Curtis LeMay. And the System made sure that neither one of them would ever succeed.

    10. fd Says:

      Don’t forget about General Patton. He wanted to destroy the red army but was conveniently killed for his anti-communist belief. Even if Patton’s death was an accident, his pro Jew enemies were gleeful.

    11. Thom McQueen Says:

      Ant, et al—

      Those people that Hitler wanted to run out of Germany were not the real Jews.


      This is going to change things a lot. It is dynamite. Blows those fake Jew sombitches sky-high.

      Lukacs was not a real Jew. He was a Khazar Turk.

    12. Thom McQueen Says:

      A Khazar and a sissy-fag queer boy.

    13. Thom McQueen Says:

      Lukacs Sissy-Fag. Get it? Like Luke Sky-Walker.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      Thom/Ant., I think we are in agreement that Zionism was a movement created by and for European Jewry, the so-called Ashkenazim. The “real” Jews, or Sephardim of the Middle East, are considered inferior by European Jews, just like the light-skinned, half-caste mulatto considers himself superior to darker-skinned Negroids.

    15. Howdy Doody Says:

      Tim McGreen Says:
      13 December, 2014 at 1:38 pm


      In 1955, the NYT’s send had kike reporter with the pos castro in the hills, and wrote him in to power. The real democratic rebels were murdered that the people actually supported.

      Castro with the kike papers and the CIA would have been killed or maybe taught bs in high schools.

      The commies in Cuba happened to keep us stupid and in the cold war for the hot half million plus Whites in Vietnam while radical criminal joos stirred and incited violence, rape, porn, bombins, destructive sick movies and TV.

      Please nigger with out the our meddling and fixing in Cuba everything would have been fine. What ever govt had taken over, though I would say they should cut out all hollwood NYC media/movies, and crushed vice with public hanging, and through out all commies. The commies were there yes, but with out the media starting in 1955 no Castro or the crap.

      Also JFK was right not to bother with it, as was set in motion before him came in. NO nukes in the bandit state was his thing, and it got him killed too.

    16. Howdy Doody Says:

      Patton death was murder, never hint that was anything else period.

    17. Thom McQueen Says:

      An alien race, the Khazars, call themselves Jews when they are not. And then they look down on the real Jews? Yes.

    18. Tim McGreen Says:

      An alien race, the Khazars, call themselves Jews when they are not. And then they look down on the real Jews? Yes.

      They would have the chutzpah to do that, wouldn’t they?

    19. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      “And to the angel of the church in Smyrna, write ‘These things saith the first and the last, which was dead, and is alive; I know thy works and tribulation, and poverty (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan . . .’ ” (Revelation 2:8,9)

      Big Jim Jesus says:

      Yes, it is true. Christians are not Christians; Jews are not Jews; all is deception.

      But these false Jews have operated for at least a century with impunity, wrecking the Church, Western society, and all morality. Their minds are filled with violence and deception, and their hands drip with innocent blood. Their main enemy has always been the Church, and any lands or institutions that have been associated with the Church, such as the entire West.

      Now, they have been exposed. This is monumental, and comes from the direct action of the Holy Spirit. It is a slow-motion earthquake, which will throw down the satanic powers of the earth, and cleanse the world of this pernicious illusion.

      Now, the Holy Church can arise, the real Jews (humble shopkeepers, tradesmen, laborers) can be respected, the false Jews hated, the evangelicals’ support of the Khazars can end, and the true moral compass of the West can be re-established.

      The White Christians of the West have now been given all they need to triumph.

      It is indeed a joyous Christmas! The great Lion of Judah has roared!

    20. Thom McQueen Says:

      Big Jim I wish that Lion of yours would eat a few niggers.

      The church welcomes niggers. How can we celebrate Christmas.

      I bet you anything that girl that was burned alive in Mississippi was done by a nigger.

    21. Tim McGreen Says:

      Thom, I know you mean well but you mustn’t discourage Mustang Jill and Big Jim from posting here! I have experienced a spiritual parching of the throat as a result of their absence. Surely the Gods won’t mind if the Christians have their say? Let’s not be like those devils at Hatewatch.

      A merry Winter Solstice to all!

    22. Howdy Doody Says:


      Former city design head blasts mayor’s plan to remove portraits
      By Jennifer Bain
      December 14, 2014 | 4:59am



    23. CW-2 Says:

      Big Jim and Jill, your hearts are in the right place, but you need to dump that Bible stuff.

    24. Howdy Doody Says:

      Castro with the help of the NYC kike papers and the CIA would have been killed or maybe jsut taught bs in Cuban high school for job if stayed out trouble. He was a criminal period.

      Point is with the NYT/media and the NKVD he would have been nothing and never heard of.

      Do your own research and see for yourself.

    25. Tim McGreen Says:

      Howdy, I think originally Fidel wanted to play shortstop for the NY Yankees. But I guess the situation in Cuba under General Batista was becoming too intolerable. You can thank the CIA and the Mob for that. I remember an old right-wing political cartoon that shows Castro holding a newspaper with the caption “I got my job through the Times!” You see, that used to be a famous slogan, back in the days when the Sunday NY Times Help Wanted section was used by millions of people to find work. Even my dad found a good job through the Times!

    26. Thom McQueen Says:

      CW-2, I thought you were a christian! You seem to defend it, here on this website.

      Tim, let them Christidiots have their say, but that white girl in Mississippi had a nigra boyfriend. She dumped him, and then she gets burned alive??!!

      A big coincidence. Christ O’Malley, but I would have a public hanging. And flog her par;ents for letting her date nigras. Probably Christidiots.

      A spiritual throat parchment? What the hell . . ? And isn’t Jill Mustang the one who rides horses naked?

    27. Tim McGreen Says:

      Thom, CW-2 has explained that he thinks medieval Christianity was the best, the closest to an ideal form of that religion. And yes, that story about the White girl in Miss. who got burned to death by her Black pimp should be causing a lot of White racial unrest. But as usual the White masses remain inert and self-absorbed.

    28. Johnny Paytoilet Says:

      Even though it’s a few days early heathens, here’s the “13 Days of Solstice” for your listening enjoyment.

      Besides, I’m already tired of listening to Yeshua Ben birthday songs aka Christmas carols.

      And yes, I’m a Volkisch Pagan.

    29. Sean Gruber Says:

      I knew if we didn’t return to the scriptures, Big J&J would return to us.

      Looking forward to a nice Solstice this year. Thanks, Johnny, for the vid.

    30. Antagonistes Says:

      Yes, Thom, here is a photo of Miss Mustang:


      That young filly has quite a tan! Making a bit of money for the Lord by selling her photos to the “naked girls with horses” website.

      JP, I could not get your link to work, but I did find a 13 days of solstice you-tube video about receiving gifts from one’s coven. Was that it? Interesting.

      BTW, for excellent books about the Jesus-myth, check out Robert Price (“The Incredible Shrinking Son of Man”).

    31. Johnny Paytoilet Says:

      Antagonistes: Coven is a group of pagans, similar to a congregation in X-ianty. The number 13 is sacred to all of us Volkisch Pagans.
      It’s a shame the X-ians stole our most beautiful and sacred celebration.
      Happy Solstice!

    32. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Happy Winter Solstice”/”Merry Winter Solstice”! Those are cheerful-sounding greetings, aren’t they? They certainly sound a lot better than that dreadful, Semitcally correct “Happy Holidays”, or the outdated and corny Victorian-era “Merry Christmas”. So Happy/Merry Winter Solstice it is.

    33. Big Man Says:

      Jews are 85% Mid Eastern on the patrilineal side. This was documented by a VNN article intitled “The Jewish Race is Composed Wholly, of Criminally Inbred, Ararbic Genetic Freaks.”

      They are not non Mid Eastern Khazars, unless it was their women (the matrilineal not being documented in the article) who converted in the 13th century.