4 December, 2014

More Ignoring-the-Root-of-the-Problem

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Attorney General Eric Holder wants to create an “institute of justice” to address racial concerns? Here’s a better idea: how about creating an “institute to study why Blacks can’t obey the simple commands of police officers”? (By the way, the Black choke-hold victim, Garner, had previously been arrested at least 30 times).


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  7. 5 Responses to “More Ignoring-the-Root-of-the-Problem”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      I thought that uppity mulatto fairy Eric Holder had already left office? When is the new White-hating spade attorney general going to take over?

      Hey you White kwaps, this is the thanks you get (and deserve) for defending the System. Put that box of donuts away and come join the White Resistance!

    2. Non Ame Says:

      Exactly right Tim. Just like you said those who join ZOGs Army are fools or mercs, the same goes for cops. Here’s another way of looking at Garner’s death. Black or not, I don’t wish the cops on anyone. Whites can learn something from the chimp reaction to the police abuse that had become pandemic in Amerikwa. If I’m ever on a jury for a cop killer trial, there will be at least one not guilty vote.


    3. CW-2 Says:

      The proposed Trotskyite “Institute of Justice” will undoubtedly be followed by an “Institute of Equality” and then an “Institute of Equalization”.

    4. Howdy Doody Says:


      Donald Days book Onward Christian Soldiers. PDF Found Noon Tide Press, but they don’t sell this book any more. ?

      Link download : Day_Donald_-_Onward_Christian_soldiers.zip

      Why I did not go Home. The American consul in Stockholm telephoned ordering me to appear at his office with my passport. It was a summons I had been awaiting ever since Litvinov arrived in Washington as Soviet ambassador. I obeyed but without my passport. It had been handed to the hotel porter several days previously to obtain new ration cards as I had just returned from a visit to my home in Helsinki. I asked the consul why he wanted my passport. He said the American State Department had ordered that it be taken from me. I was to be sent home immediately. There were no reasons given for this action. When I said I did not have my passport with me the consul said he had already sent messengers to the police and the ration card office looking for it. It appeared as though they wanted my passport very badly. He said this was correct and refused to give me permission to return to Helsinki to close the bureau of The Chicago Tribune and my apartment and settle my personal affairs. I said this matter required some consideration and left. I decided to return tQ Helsinki and cabled this decision to Colonel McCormick, publisher of The Chicago Tribune, informing him how the state department was trying to force me to return to the United States. I told him I could remain in Europe if he wished and could continue to forward news to The Tribune through Switzerland. It was not until five days later that I received the reply which ordered me home. …

      For any one here who has not read this book just read the first twenty pages.

      Alex Linder had done a magnificent audio recording of the book with additional commentary as he read it. Solid Gold itz a keeper for those who have not read much history and Mr. Day’s book is a gigantic expose’ of what journalism was, after 1945, was nothing more than corralled pc whores for the pay check.

      Edwin M. Wright, was another Native US American over in Tehran during during the War and he spoke FLUENT farsi and the USSR bed bugs screamed and yelled to get the FDR thug Cabal to take him back home.

      NO matter what Putin’s failings may be, the fact that his base has released all the records showing who all the spies and double agents were in the US govt. vindicates Joseph M. McCarthy and shows how his allies were driven off by the furious filthy media of the time.

      They wrecked, looted and perverted since they took Russia by stealth and murder.

      Read Donald Days book if you have not.

      Noon Tide Press, does not sell it now ? Too hot ?

    5. archer Says:

      If anything, McCarthy underestimated the problem. FDR’s administration was loaded with kikes, that’s why we fought against Germany.